Thank You for Reading and Welcome!

Welcome to The Diary of a Divine Diva,

OMG! Yes, I finally did it after so many people telling me to do so! I created a blog can you believe it?! Well believe it and I hope you enjoy it!! The Diary of a Divine Diva is a space you can sit tight, relax and unwind as I take your mind on an adventure on my perspective on life. You may agree or disagree with my viewpoints either way it’s cool by me but I ask you to keep an open mind and dare yourself to walk into the heat in the D-Community!

I also ask you to bear with me since blogging is new to me and I am still learning. So I guess you are asking yourself what my blog is going to be about?!  Right….. Well, it’s going to be fun and funny but yet very Interesting, Inspiring and Informative writings from me to you about my walk in life, family, love, relationships, success, current events and whatever that pops into my Divine Mind. My D-Community is for women and men! The Diary of a Divine Diva doesn’t discriminate and subscribe to an Equal Opportunity of Keeping the Conversation going to living a Divine Life. LOL, at the end of the day this is my real and honest opinions about the things we often think about but don’t always get the chance to read or hear. I say make everyday a Divine Day and don’t allow anyone to take your JOY away in your JOurnY!!!

Have a Divine Day!!!

Special thank you goes to each and everyone who has helped molded, uplift and encourage me into the person I am and a special thank you goes to Rashana “To Whom It May Concern” on all her help in this new adventure in my life. ahaha Bang Bang!! Come back often to check me out and spread the word The Deltastating Divine Diva is here and the JOurneY just begun!!!!

Sashaying off,

Precious Pat V


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