Jenny from The Block recap on SNL

Hello Sweetee,

As I was home sick last night (Saturday 2/28/10) after a long day in training and going out to dinner, I was channel surfing and fell onto Jennifer Lopez on SNL. Renowned as an iconic and versatile actress, singer, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer, Jennifer Lopez appeared on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live on NBC pulling double duty as both the host and musical guest to promote her nonexistent seventh pop studio album titled “Love.” The 2010 Jennifer Lopez comeback tour unfortunately hit a major set-back earlier this week when news broke that Epic Records dropped her from their label, leaving Jenny from The Block without a home. Bo-who as I grab a tissue to wipe the tear from my eye. As you can image, the original plan was for her to push her April 23’s artificial-insemination comedy The Back-Up Plan and her seventh pop album Love? which was set to release April release date has been canceled.

I haven’t watched this show in years but decided let me check J-Lo out. Overall, the show had its funny ahahaa moments for me but it didn’t have me ROTFLMBO. However, the best part of last evening’s program had very little to do with J-Lo herself but this post is about her. So, Jenny tried to reassure the media by disclosing she has found an as-yet unnamed “new home” in which her album will drop this summer. We will just have to wait and see who she shall pull out the hat in the weeks or months to come.

Onto last night J-Lo helped kick off the show with a stinging rendition on the recent re-make of the charity single for Haiti “We Are the World.” The skit kicks-off with SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, playing Quincy Jones, starts us off by saying the recent charity song aimed to raise money for the victims of the disaster in Haiti that “sadly, the song itself was a disaster.” Thompson then announces that he’s making a follow-up, “We Are the World 3: Raising Awareness of the ‘We Are the World 25 for Haiti Disaster.” The skit had a diverse collection of stars with much of my surprise J. Lopez, 40, was barely recognizable as she played a mocking role of pop singer Rihanna. J-Lo donned a cropped blonde and black wig with a White and Black jacket and oversized shades and bamboo earrings on that made her the spitting image of Rihanna. Lopez as Rihanna sings “The remake it was a big mistake!”

Some may say J-Lo mocking Rihanna had US TV viewers LOL but she was off key and the backup was better than her. Surprisingly, the only funny parts to me were when J-Lo made the sound effects. Did I mention her signing was cracky and whacky. Ahahah Bang Bang!! However, I was totally confused why she chose to mock Rihanna when she didn’t even take part of the re-make of the song… Something to think about uh……

Overall, the skip was okay to me but should of never been made a joke of because of the sensitive to what happen in Haiti. The SNL skit and rendition of the song had jokes on other artists that participated in the re-make of “We are the World 25 for Haiti.”  Besides J-Lo sound effects I liked when they mentioned they are some famous and some not, most people wouldn’t take off their sunglasses, but tell me who is this weird dude in the front and a man that is now in jail and a guy that everyone hates should of never been in the song which I agree. And standing in the back the icing of the cake Bentley was there! “Ella, Ella!   Ahaha Bang Bang that was funny!! So, as I think about it some more I guess she chose Rihanna because of the umbrella joke? Um, you be the judge of that one……
SNL show

The link to We are the World Haiti 25 for Haiti which I liked the video and song overall but I do agree with SNL some people just didn’t need to partake because it was all show biz for them

All I can say is before Jenny from The Block have jokes maybe she should focus on working on her voice singing live because I did notice about 3 to 5 times she was off key, shaky and whacky. I like the song but she is a product of marketing!! Check it out
Now check out Rihanna singing Redemption doing a better job signing live on Oprah wearing a Black and White outfit which I guess J-Lo was trying to associate to Rihanna.

Who do you think sing better live? What did you think of Lopez’s musical and comedy performance? Leave your thoughts and comments.

Sashaying off,
Precious Pat V

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