March Madness

Hello Sweetee,

What is going on? I am so flabbergasted by what is going on around the world since the New Year started. It’s been one disaster after another due to nature taking its course! Are these signs that we must get right with God or whatever higher powers you respect and believe in?! I say you better because the world is going through some things and you better ‘GET RIGHT QUICKLY!!!” It’s hard to imagine the power of Mother Nature can create so much up roar around the world. My prayers go out to my Haitian family that is still going through the struggle and prayers for Chile, the Pacific Islands and all around the world.

Mother Nature can be cool, chilling, and calm but when you hit a nerve she can be a beast to burst your bubble! Friday, February 26, 2010 heavy snow storm, rain and high winds left nearly 200,000 homes and businesses of Portland, Maine without power, light and electricity. More than 83,000 utility customers still lacked electricity in New Hampshire, the hardest-hit state. In amazed, New York had about 87,000 outages and Maine 23,000. At the peak of the storm, more than a million utility customers throughout the region had lost power. What is going on I ask as hundreds of utility crews from as far away as Michigan and Maryland continues removing trees that knocked down power lines and replacing utility poles that snapped during last week’s storm. Now as we march into March Madness we patiently wait and watch holding our breath for the end of winter and the blossom of fresh spring. Off the topic what is March Madness?….. Back to the regular schedule topic… But now we are saddened with news because the threat that yet another snow storm is to come afraid of what nature will do next….

OMG, I can personally tell you my March Madness is I can’t wait for the spring sun to shine on my spirits, hopes and soul again. This winter has just been totally a major rollercoaster of emotions for me and some other love ones I know. I know some people love winter (i.e. skiers, ice-skaters) but I can honestly say I don’t!! I’m a summer baby that is tired of the snow, cleaning the mess of winter, the cold and layer of clothes to mask it all up. I so need to be flying away to a vacation to breathe again another fresh, renewed air to relax and not think about anything but just be happy with the peace and quietness of it all. I need time out for my peace of mind!!!! The question is where do I go?

Sashaying off,

Precious Pat V

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