White House Celebrate Women’s History Month and Social Worker’s Month

Hello Sweetea,

Monday, March 8, 2010 the President and 1st Lady Obama welcomed guests to the White House for the commemoration of International Women’s Day. This was a wonderful event held to celebrate Women’s History Month at the White House. The first couple kicked off the event with an open and adorable flirt with each other. It was wonderful to see an African American couple being a great example of what a happy and healthy loving marriage resembles!! Mrs. Obama looked like a divine diva with her new layered hair due in a grey draped dress by Lanvin.

However, I think a lot of media missed the importance of the event. I feel the media kept focusing on the Obama’s flirty open at the White House instead of the importance of celebrating all the amazing and trail blazing WOMEN leaders of the past, present and future who are serving as accomplished, positive and devastating role models for the next generation and years to come.

Among the powerful leaders present at this wonderful event was my Soror and my 1st Lady good friend Dorothy Irene Height. My Soror was announced and recognized by 1st lady Michele Obama. Soror Height was wearing a fabulous burgundy dress hat in the front roll. Soror Height is an amazing African American administrator, Chair and President of Emerita National Council of Negro Women, educator, social activist and a 2004 recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal. Soror Height was also an elected National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in 1947 and served until l956. She was able to carry my Sorority to a new level of organizational development, initiation eligibility and social action throughout her term. Her leadership training skills, social work background and knowledge of volunteerism benefited Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and the community as it moved into a new era of activism on the national and international scene. This is why I am proud to be a member of Delta because we are women that are always present and willing to do the work that others shy away from to make a change for the betterment of our community!!

So during Women’s History and Social Worker’s Month we have to take the time to also honor the quiet heroes who’ve shaped our country and were able to break through the glass ceilings to give us the opportunities we have today.  We have to keep honoring the women who refused to listen to those who would say NO to their dreams and determinations. We have to honor those women who took the NO’s in their lives as Next Opportunities instead of quitting and giving up the fight to help us overcome. And we must honor women who may not have had many possibilities in their own lives but understood the importance of pouring everything they had into making sure that their sisters, daughters, nieces, granddaughters and goddaughters could pursue their purpose and dreams!  The 1st lady quoted a poem by poet Alice Walker in her speech in which I must highlight; we must honor the women that “knew what we must know without knowing it themselves!” So, I am thankful there is a month to dedicate, acknowledge and glorify women in our society! I know the fight isn’t over and I will keep doing my part! Will you keep pressing on and stand on the battle field to fight?

I am proud to be a women and I am thankful for all the powerful women that has played an important part in my life. I especially want to thank my grandmother who has always been the matriarch of my family. Till this day she is still fighting the fight and showing me how to push no matter what life throw at us we can get through! I will keep praying for her as she is physically paralyzed and bedridden after 3 major strokes.  I also want to give special thanks to mom who has always been a supportive and loving example on how to balance life, love, laugh and family. My grandmother and mother truly knows how to give of themselves and I strive to be like these two phenomenal women. I sometime wonder where do women get the strength and resilience to handle all the responsibilities of being a woman! So, I say take the time each and every day to show and express your love and appreciation to the women in your life because they are very important. Remember without women there wouldn’t be a society of people to live with because they made the choice to give you the gift of LIFE!!   

So I leave you with this

A woman’s love is a special bond a man cannot ever understand because it’s a miracle that started in her womb and it’s entirely wrapped securely in her cocoon for life. – Precious Pat V

Sashaying Off, 

Precious Pat V 


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