Hello Sweetee,

It’s that time of year again to go enjoy a visit to a spa for only $50! For all you spa lovers this is a great way to enjoy all the oils, massages, facials and steam baths on a fabulous fit budget! Who said you can’t enjoy life by remaining fit, fabulous and financially fit at the same time.
I don’t know about you but going to the spa is so critical to my physical and mental health especially after that long week college bus tour. My back and whole body has been hurting from trying to sleep on the bus and the long hours seating and trying to get comfortable on the bus. Going to the spa is going to be so therapeutic for me to release stressors in my life. Some people just don’t understand the miracles of oils, a hot hand that knows what they are doing when massaging your body can do for someone’s peace of mind, body and soul…
The magic touch of a hand that knows what they are doing can help your blood circulate better, relax your muscle tension, relax your whole body, your mind, relief pain and you are able to breathe and sleep better!  It helps your body scream without having to say a word! Oh Boy Oh Boy, I can’t wait for my body to be able to release the dragon within. Best of all you can get de-stressed and pampered to help you keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle for only $50 from April 12th – 18th what a deal I will not pass on. I am so going to throw this in the bag get my spa treatment and release some much needed stress! I just couldn’t be cheap and had to share this with you all so book your appointment now because I am! Be sure to come back and tell me where you went and rate the services! Click on the the link below and book your appointment! Love yourself and treat your body, mind and soul fabulous!!!
Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V

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