FASHION: Must have items for the Spring

Hello Shopping on a Budget Fashionista,
This weekend I did a quick run to the mall looking for some shoes to go with my outfit since I was going out Saturday night to celebrate one of my BS4L (Brooklyn Sisters 4 Life!) Sam I Am’s 30th BDAY in the city. I totally had a good time at Club Amber. The location was kinda small or maybe it was too jam pack and the music was jumping so there was no room for me to really spread my wings LOL…. Whateva it was I had a great time with the Shaggy Crew (another name we call ourselves!) and can’t wait to go to Hibiscus Day Spa tonight! Happy 30th Sam I Am! I totally derailed so back to the topic at hand….
While in the mall I decided to take advantage and use my coupons I had for Old Navy and Gap. I quickly picked up some must have items for the spring of course on a fabulous fun and financial fit fashionista budget! So, yes I had my coupons and discount ready. I was so happy with the items I got and most important the $$ I saved!! Here are some items of must have for the spring……..

Polos are great shirts I love for all season but Gap and/or Old Navy have some fun and fabulous new colors and style for the Spring! If you’re looking for a versatile look for all year round within a budget these are the shirts to get. The colors are very pretty and they pop. You can wear them to different events ranging from casual to the office. I brought a couple and I received a lot of compliments each time. The material has a little stretch to it, and the length range from short to long. The polos runs a little big which gives you room to be comfortable. I wear my polos with Khakis, jeans, skirts, shorts, yoga pants and tights. They are truly different from the polos last year. A must for this Spring look!! ***Men don’t fear because they have an array of polos for you too at both location! So, ladies and men go get your new colors for the Spring and make a fabulous and fun statement!
Like I mention above Tights/Leggings!!! I love, love, love them all and I am always buying a new pairs! They are super comfortable and my BFF. I never been a sweat pants and jeans young lady so I thank the person who invented tights everyday of my life. Tights is a definitely must have all year round! You can jazz your tights look from day to night. Going to the office to an after work affair. And killing the men during the weekend! Ladies, get your tights because I have two draws full from fish nets, to winter thick to lite and fit for the spring! Ladies, men love how it’s form fitting and gives them a good view of our beautiful shape so wear your tights gracefully and don’t cause no traffic jam out there! LOL

Onto your cardigan of choice! Old Navy have these cute dazzle cardigans and shrugs I just fell in love with. Ladies, I must say Old Navy stepped their game up because I never been an Old Navy fan. However, I was annoyed that there wasn’t a wide select because people really racked up before I can get the apple picking. Hopefully, you have more options at your location. I must honestly say Old Navy is doing better with the materials, design and looks. The array of cardigans, shrugs and sweaters are cute and must have items in my opinion for the Spring and Summer breezy nights! If your store have a limited stock I suggest shopping online.
Yes, Old Navy flip flops are back and they are always great to have for fun in the sun & store in your purse after leaving the club. I always get an array of colors but avoid the printed flip flops because the colors usually flakes off after one or two wear. So, you pick your style of choice because your feet is sure to be comfortable because they have a higher sole compare to last year and bunch of great bright colors. Your pockets will be happy to because they are 2 for $5. They know how to pull us in!
***Men have no fear they have flip flops for you too so go pick up two pairs because your feet need to breath again. Please don’t hurt nobody so make sure ladies and gents you go on over and get your feet out of them boots into the booth to get your pedicures to show off you’re spring and summer feet.

Once I remembered my true purpose for going to the mall in the 1st place I ran all over looking for a pair of heels to give me the little old school peeping in my stepping style! Finally at Nine West Outlet I found the patten leather peek-a-boo I needed to match my purse and outfit. I was so please to find these comfortable heels that I received some complaints for!! I was even more thrill when I discover if I purchase one item I was able to get 50% off the next pair. So, I was able to pick up my peek-a-boo heels and a pair of cute flats. Too bad they didn’t have no bags to match my flats. I will be on a hunt and will keep you posted!!

Shopping on budget can be fun, trendy and sexy even for a very quick fashionista shopping!! So, take advantage of the sales and get your closet ready for the Spring and Summer because it’s time to make your colors and you POP. Till next time shopping with a budget while remaining fabulously fun and financially fit fashionistas!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

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