Finding your peace of mind is important to you at what cost? Why do you always put other people happiness before yours? By whose divine standards are you living by? Are you always waiting on someone else to make you happy? So, if that is true why you don’t indulge and treat yourself to a mini vacation within your area code. This week I learned the importance of caring and putting my mind at peace before others.

Selfishness is always looked upon as a bad thing but it can also be a good thing too! We live in a world filled with people running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to make ends meet for other people, trying to live up to the Jones and what society demand is the way of the world. Sometimes people don’t know how to say No and take a break for themselves. Saying Yes people forget their own well being and go for the short term gain of making others happy.

As a counselor, I am always trying to find creative and affordable ways to find peace of mind and teaching my clients its okay to take a break for your well being! A lot of times parents and wives really have the hardest time with taking a break from being “Super Woman!” Being selfish and taking a time-out for you is needed and it’s a okay to do. You have to ask at what expense are you willing to give up your happiness, health and peace of mind… The best medicine in the world is when you focus on what makes you happiest then you can be available to help others when they are in need.

This came true for me this week when I decided to put everything on hold and booked my spa appointment. I have wanted to go to the spa since my last massage 3 months ago to relax my mind, body and soul. I was super pleased Hibiscus Day Spa was able to do that for me! Hibiscus Day Spa located in Brooklyn, NY was able to give me the time out I needed to rejuvenate me before my trip to Florida which I pray will do the same for me too. Not only was the service great, the staff was friendly and professional but all my treatments were unbeatable. I totally would recommend Hibiscus Day Spa as a place to go when you are in Brooklyn, NY.  You can find them on Facebook or  http://www.hibiscusdayspa.com/
Also, I learned you really can’t judge a book by its cover because there is more to discover if you are willing to knock and enter or just flip to the next page!

Before, I arrived to Hibiscus I was running late because one of my teens decided to wild out on one of my co-workers.  I got caught up in trying to help instead of heading out to my appointment. But I quickly checked myself and said no one is going to stop my show. No, I will not cancel but I will call and let them know I am running late because it’s not about my job but about my peace of mind. So deuces to the drama because there will always be fire to put out so let me escape to my mini vacation in Brooklyn! When I called I thought my appointment was going to be canceled but the owner picked up and she was very nice, understand and professional on the phone. She told me don’t rush so I wouldn’t get hurt driving because they will just push back my appointment and wait for me. I was totally stunned and pleased on the phone.

When I got there I was a little apprehensive because the outside didn’t look to appealing. Hibiscus is located within a brownstone on the lower/basement level. I had to call my girlfriend Arrestonette to make sure I was at the right location since she had her treatments yesterday. She ranted and raved about the location, service and treatments so I was super excited and couldn’t wait but didn’t expect what I was looking at. However, she told me trust & believe her because the outside may look a little off but when you walk inside you will be knocked off your feet. I quickly said to myself don’t judge a book by its cover let me ring and go in to enJOY the JOY of this Journey because I need and deserved to be pamper!

Can I tell you, when I walked in I was embraced by a tranquility that took me to another destination. The dimness of the lights, candles everywhere, the sweet smell in the air, the calm and peaceful music playing also the décor was splendid. I quickly felt my stress and a weight lifted off my shoulder. My 3 friends and I were totally pleased and happy with our service from the staff. We took advantage of spa week by getting the mango passion scrub, Swedish massage and the Hibiscus H2O facial. We left there feeling like we were on cloud nine. I was most amazed at the staff and owner attentiveness to their clients, knowledgeable about their profession and them being true to what they advertise on their website. I truly agree with “COME JOIN US FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE SPA EXPERIENCEbecause that’s what it was for my friends and I! It is very important and necessary to your well being to keep fit, fabulous and financially fit and not a luxury. So, make it a way of life if you can’t jump on a plane and take a vacation go treat yourself to a fabulous spa experience. Hibiscus Day Spa served and delivered and aided my friends and I enjoy treating ourselves right. So being selfish felt good all over!! I slept like a baby and my mind body and soul is still saying
Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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