FIT and FABULOUS: Disciplining a Healthier Mindset and Behavior towards Weight Loss

Hello Fit and Fabulous,

I’m at it again but trying to do a better job this go around! I’m heading to Florida in 19 days and headed to the mall to see what I need. Yes, I love to shop if you haven’t noticed! As I was sitting, thinking and watching the people pass me by I noticed be it young, old, or in between we are some unfit and unhealthy people!!! I’m not exclude from the list neither and decided enough is enough I gotta change this behavior especially hitting Sunny MIA in 19 days! LOL, Bang Bang Boom “It’s on!!!”

When we think of losing weight, we usually thing of hard work and stress because of the time, work and effort we must invest in the process. We trend to try and find the easy way out by looking for quick fixes and the most effective diet to lose weight. I am here to tell you there are lots of ways on how to shed pounds easily but be honest with yourself have it worked in your favor to keep off the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle?  I know it hasn’t work for me! Some of the diets included me immediately curving my intake, drastically changing my eating habits, diet teas, diet pills, annoying exercise regiments, supplements and starvation. However, the choice is yours which route you plan on taking to be fit and fabulous but I gotta make the healthy change for me!! If you are planning to do it alone, you don’t have to because I will be sharing some of the ideas I use to try and maintain a healthy & natural lifestyle without dieting. You may not like all my suggestions which are cool but I hope some of my ideas will be helpful to you. Please feel free to share all your feedbacks!

Maintaining a fit and fabulous life one must have what I call DHMB. Disciplining a healthier mindset and behavior will help you replace your unhealthy way of living with healthy ones. Below are some simple tips on how to get started with a DHMB lifestyle living within your control

Discipline: The word essentially deals with a pattern of behavior and mindset that leads to a good social and moral development. The word comes from the Latin word “disciplinaire” which means “to impart education ” or “to teach.” Basically it’s a code of conduct to train and guide your way to a healthy lifestyle. One must be willing to retrain their mindset and behavior to achieve their goals. The best way to tackle this is having a goal and making a healthy and long-term plan and sticking to it. Yes, you can make adjustments but it must always be healthy and beneficiation to your goal. For example my long-term goal is to lose 30 pounds in 6 months. Now you must ask yourself how are you going to accomplish this goal. Now you must map out your plan to accomplish this goal and you must find healthy ways to stick to your goal and plan! This is where you might want to build a support team, join a support group, face unhealthy relationship with food, reward yourself when you meet your goals and find gadgets that help. For example on my phone I downloaded this application called calorie counter. Trust and believe me it’s helpful in keeping me discipline in reaching my goals! Find what works for you and make it a routine in your life! Trust me this is where I always go wrong breaking out of my routine even dough they say after 30 days it become a fix routine. LOL, Bang Bang Boom it blows up in my face. On to the next one…….

Healthier Mindset: Having a healthier mindset is very important in order for you to control your behavior and monitor your actions so you can achieve the weight loss success you desire. You have to find your motivation to believe you can do it no matter how long it takes. Some may want to live longer and be healthier or just want to look and feel good. Whatever your motivation is it will help your mindset to never give up and to push through. I suggest finding a mantra, maybe an old picture of yourself and put it up or a meaningful phrase or writing motivating quotes to yourself to aid you in positive thinking and emotions about yourself and your relationship with food. One must find what works for them by not restricting yourself to a set diet but making healthy choices, pay attention to your body’s hunger, fullness levels and how to balance all foods in moderation. I noticed the more I say I’m on a diet the more stressed & restricted I feel on what I can and cannot eat. When I think about it as me changing my eating habits I take the joy in looking for healthier choices of food. I feel good and satisfy about the choices I make for my taste buds plus my health. So, now my changes don’t feel like a sacrifice! Yeah!! For example, I love bread now that I learned how to read the nutritional value I found breads I can eat guilt feel with portion control of course!! (I will be sure to share in the blogs to come some of the items in my shopping cart! So stay tune…)

Healthier Behavior Patterns: Sometimes changing our unhealthy behavior can be the hardest to do. We know we want to lose weight but we don’t want to do the work by changing our unhealthy ways. I’m sure we all know the only way to get successful results one must be willing to change your maladaptive ways! Some suggestions are:

1. Planning & Packing your meals. Planning & packing your meals will help you be ready to attack hunger and help you avoid eating junk and processed foods. To remind Fit and Fabulous packing a smart lunch is one of the best ways to save not only fat, calories and eating refined white and sugar but add the needed fiber in your diet while saving you $$$$! I know it can be annoying trying to map out your food and calorie intake but if you make sure that you have healthy food stock in your house, office, bag and/or car so you will not give into any temptations. Also keeping your food choices interesting and fun will help make this process less painful.

2. Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water and at least 2 cups of tea each day. Not drinking enough water will leave you under-hydrated or even dehydrated. Water can help you keep from feeling hungry and make your skin look good.  Water and tea helps boost metabolism and cleanse out your body. Studies that support the health benefits of drinking water and tea finds the two will flush out harmful toxins in your body. Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, some of which are called polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins, and all of which take on the “free radicals” in the body and prevent them from harming the healthy cells on board. Antioxidants can also be found in several fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, and even wines. Yes, I said wine with moderation so don’t lose your mind drinking empty calories! Also avoid high sugar juices, drinks and sodas. Tea also contains fluoride which is a great benefit for your teeth and has bacteria killing properties which helps control bad breath and the formation of plaque. Gotta have pretty teeth while looking fit and fabulous!!! Major tune-off ugly teeth!

3. WEYE: Writing everything you eat. You know that famous comment “your eye is bigger than your stomach! totally fits here. Sometimes we eat and we lose track what we ate and why we ate. So by writing everything you eat, when you ate it and how you felt will help monitor you’re eating habits. This is also helpful to understand your relationship with your food choices. For example, I noticed when I looked at my food journal when I felt pissed off I would take a healthy junk food or a healthy sweet item to eat. Sometime moderation goes out the door. By writing my eating patterns down I know what mindset I was in and I know what behavior I need to work on and my triggers. Now that I have the calorie counter on my phone it makes this task even easier!

4. Weight-train at least twice a week because it boost your metabolism and do cardio exercise regularly to lose fat mass. I know this is one of the best ways to lose weight but if you don’t like to exercise like me you should find cardio you enjoy to do. Don’t make excuses “oh I don’t have a gym membership” in order to personalized your workout routines. By making it a routine it become a way of life with physical activities you like to do without it feeling like you are working out and you don’t need a gym membership. One cardio I love to do is going out dancing, no matter if I like the song or not I am moving because I am trying to burn as much calories possible. My friends at times tell me stand still because you are “sweating like a pig” I know my purpose & it may not look too attractive but I got to burn the calories if I don’t want the boring gym! So find your thing and do it regardless what others have to say. Some suggestions are playing a sport, going out for long walks, jogging, riding a bike, stepping, instead of just watching videos stand up and move to the beat, try the dance move on the screen, youtube exercises you like, get videos games that require you to move (i.e. Wii Fit).  Everywhere and anywhere can be your gym so do not limit your workout routines!

Living a Fit, Fabulous & Financially healthy lifestyle can be easy once you understand how, why and what you are doing so stay dedicated and motivated to live longer, be healthier and be financially stable.  Losing weight can be a challenge but learning how to discipline a healthier mindset and behavior will help you replace your unhealthy way of living with healthy ones. Good Luck and let’s take this journey together!

Sashaying Off feeling very sore,

Precious Pat V


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