Hello Fit and Fabulous,

Let’s Talk About it!!  Now that Spring is here again my long-time friend Annette and I started thinking about our poor relationship with food and asking ourselves “How did we let this happen again after we vow this was going to be the last year!” This whole week has really been one introduction after another of women and men, can’t forget the men because they go through the same struggle of dealing with this pain in their life too. You must be asking yourself what am I talking about but it’s one of the topic spoken about widely especially now that the warm weather is kicking in. OMG, like DUH… Yes, WEIGHT!! Losing it and keeping it off and for some gaining and keeping it on. I know I can’t help it since the mass media, my clothes, and my lack of energy push it in my face all the time and keep reaffirming I need to be fit and fabulous.

I always felt like Oprah on this issue with my weight! No matter where you stand on the issue weight overall seem to be on everyone’s mind (or is it just my my demons in my mind just messing with me!! LMAO, WHATEVA DUDE!! DON’T JUDGE ME :o)! URG!!

This topic is very important to me because this is a battle I have been struggling with as far as I can remember. I have always felt I have been the thickest among my friends which isn’t true but that is how I felt at times. A lot of my clients tell me there are times they feel comfortable in their skin and there are times they are just sick and tired of being a big girl because they feel being skinny is the successful way to win in life. When they say that I totally understand what they mean because I feel like that at times too! Even dough I know it’s not true and its just my demons talking ish again!! LOL, or is it true? You tell me…..

Oh, Gosh, I can’t believe it was just a couple of months I decided this year is going to be my last year with all this yo-yo diets. Now, we are in April and I just feel like I’m not losing any weight what so ever and I am gaining! I love the fact that other people keep saying to me you lost weight boo! Keep it up, looking good but I just don’t see and feel it. I feel like my body reached a plateau and it’s stressing me out. No matter what others say what is always #1 priority is how you see and feel about yourself. Now, I noticed I fell off my eating regimen and kind of gave up on working out. I know that isn’t going to solve the problem but when I was sitting in class we started to talk about eating disorders. So you know, I was totally FOCUS for that lesson and my professor gave us a healthy eating habit survey.
Oh Gosh, what I learned about myself was NUTS!!! While doing the survey it forced me to really take a look at my relationship with food and to do an inventory of my eating patterns and diets. I was really baffled by the survey and my results. You name it, I have done it to the Atkins diet, detox diet, grapefruit diet, high fiber diet, liquid diet, low sodium diet, lemonade diet and weight watchers. If you want full details of what entails in some of these diets or want to try one I would suggest you do your research and speak to your doctor before staring any diet or food regimen. I know I’m over diets and now onto focusing on a healthier eating pattern and lifestyle!!!

A list of diets that might work for you:

This survey really helped me understand weight, food and my emotions has always been the same story for me, gain weight in the winter and go crazy trying to lose it before my birthday in June the official start of the summer. However, I always say this year I’m not going to put myself through this weight roller coaster ride again and it turns out to be the same story! I chuck it to that I’m meant to be a “full-figured woman” and I often ask myself is that just me trying to justify my actions and not taking ownership it’s my own fault for not keeping my weight off. However, I come to learn that I have a poor relationship with food, I love to eat and my emotions play a part in the madness. I mean its easy to eat and put on the weight. However, its harder to lose the weight and keep it off! I eat when I am happy, sad, stressed, frustrated, angry, lonely, confuse, ect. Food seems to be the center of my addiction! Everyone have a vice and I am coming to terms with it mine is FOOD especially SWEETS!
According to the U.S. Department of Health: “African American women have the highest rates of being overweight or obese compared to other groups in the U.S.” Heart disease, stroke and diabetes occur at much higher rates for people who are overweight, potentially making obesity a walking death sentence. Thank God my Dr. said I’m not overweight but maybe I’m a controlled emotional eater and now as I’m getting older my body isn’t responding as quickly as it use to and most importantly how I would like!!! (URG, as I pull on my flipping hair!!) So, now I am not only dealing with my weight and trying keep it off. I am now dealing with my emotions! Gosh, life is full of curve balls when you really take the time to go deeper than the presenting problem!!!

Emotional eating is a common phenomenon in which the urge to eat is not due to physiological hunger but to a convenient way for individuals to manage emotions that are uncomfortable to deal with. I come to learn food provides a powerful distraction for me instead of dealing with the emotions that are under the surface and become too difficult to control in the normal course of the day or talk about. A lot of people would describe me as an out spoken and comical person that speaks her mind but what they don’t know there is a lot of things I just keep bottle up inside and indulge in sweets to get me through! (Whoa, I am sharing a lot here!) I am learning in my fit and fabulous journey my emotions are the underlining issue and the presenting problem is me dealing with my weight. A lot of time before dealing with the presenting problem we have to deal with the underlining issue that cause the person to keep gaining weight and not being consistent with keeping if off long term if that is the goal or trying to gain and not keeping it on.
Emotional eating can have a profound effect on a person’s quality of life and health. It can contribute to other eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive eating, binge-eating disorder and food addiction. But I have learned there are ways to treat emotional eating and the underlying problems that fuel it. Taking a step toward greater health may mean dealing with your emotions and your behavior towards food. While learning the facts in school, reading my text books, helping my clients and myself by talking to my nutritionist and  learning more about the benefits of grass eating, reading labels and healthier behaviors I am doing a better job with my food choices. However, I’m not seeing the results which is pissing me off! LMBO, I am thinking it maybe a chemical imbalance or I need a personal trainer to help me find the push I need.  Well, I remembered what my motivation is so I’m getting my train back on track! So, I challenge you to do the same! If you derailed its okay but now you need to find your will power, motivation and your underline issue with your weight and GET BACK ON TRACK!!!

What do you think???? All suggestions and feedback is welcome!! And I am going to put a challenge out there so stay tune for it………

As Albert Einstein so brilliantly stated,
“You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

As I clearly understand it,
“You must be willing to change your Mindset and your Behavior in order to Change Your Outcome!! For this it’s our Weight!”
Good luck and I hope this was somewhat helpful to your fit and fabulous journey!!

Sashaying Off,

Pat V


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