Sometimes Not Getting Invited is Better than Getting Invited

OMG, TGIF!!! Are you ready to put on your boogie shoes and go paint the town RED?! Is your dancing shoes, party wears and gifts ready for this HOT weekend? Not trying to be cheap and all but I know you are feeling the same way I am feeling. After a long week you are ready to hit the sack hard and sleep it away doing nothing! But, when you have a lot of friends, family, and involved in so many activities there is just too much to do, not enough time, lack of energy and it’s COSTLY! Well, it’s costly for those of us that understand its poor mannerism to attend an event without a gift and to look a HOT MESS! When you’re invited to an event you can’t walk in with your face looking nuts, and your two hands swinging at your side like I’m ready to eat and drink my life away. Some people just love going to events thinking that’s their free meal and drink ticket for the night! LOL, pure GREEDINESS if you ask me!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to events but hate all the preparation process before the event. I am losing my energy and my pockets are getting dried up. How can one be financially fit with all these expenses?! I find it to be more draining for a woman than for a man “To Party Like a Rock Star!!” I also don’t think men realize all the hard work a woman goes through to “Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous!” Also it’s not cheap when you want to step into the lights, camera, and action.
Before you can party like a rock star one must make sure to find an outfit that fits them and make he/she look good… Key word (well more like comment) “MAKE HE/SHE LOOK GOOD” so I know it’s good to be happy in your skin but that doesn’t mean the outfit feel happy on you!! You know what I mean… When you see people in outfits that have no business of wearing!! OMG, I really need people to totally understand if an outfit is made in your size it doesn’t mean it was meant for you to purchase it!! Check the mirror and friends let’s be honest to your friends…. Tell them take that mess off because they will be walking the streets with you looking CRAZY!! Oh by the way, did I fail to mention now with social and party websites you can’t even wear an outfit more than once! More money being spent just to enjoy life!! Urg!!

Once you have your outfit now you have to get the right shoes, handbag and accessories that match. Now this goes for the men and the ladies, if your hair, nails and feet is looking out of wack please get it done. I know ladies it sucks when you get your hair done and the weather and temperature ruin your hair but that’s no excuse to come with your hair undone! Ladies you can’t forget your eyebrows, shave your legs and your under arms unless you’re trying to be Mo’nique on the scene! Trust me, it’s not a SEXY look being caught unshaved with anything short on!  And if you want to add a little sparkle to your face one can’t forget the make-up.  Men aren’t you happy you don’t have to worry about half the items on the to do list before heading out?!?! I love being a woman but in my next life I want to be a man because it’s less worries and its just much easier to get a cut, splash on some cologne, throw on a shirt, pants and a pair of shoes on without the heels killing your feet all night long!! LMAO, I love getting out the house and shaking my booty but some will say sometimes not getting invited is better than getting invited but is that really true?!!  Because I’ve learned one thing you can’t take away from a good night out is the enjoyment people get from the gift of your presence and if you bring a gift (which is proper practice) its an added plus = PRICELESS and memories can’t live like people do they always remembering you so “Live Life and Don’t Let Life out Live You!!! you just don’t know when your time is going to come to check out this joint!!!” Have a BLAST and enJOY every bit of the JOurneY!!!!

SmOO-OOPches and Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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