♫ NEW MUSIC: Rocking to New Music ♫

Hello and Happy Monday Music Madness,

Monday is always the hardest day of the week because it’s back to work, packing the lunches for your hubby, children and yourself. Getting the kids off to school, packing the gym bag, and finding the STRENGTH to get out the house, off into the streets to get your HUSTLE and BUSTLE going for the day. Sometimes you need to take a FRESH BREATH of the polluted air and get your HEAD ROCKING to some NEW MUSIC to give you that EXTRA STEPPING to get yourself PUMP and ready to SURVIVE the day. I LOVE MUSIC and it has always been and will continue to be my HAPPY THERAPEUTIC PILL. Especially now that you can ROCK to your MUSIC everywhere, and anywhere you go on you’re cell phone, iPod, iPad, ect.

After a JAM PACK weekend of CELEBRATING LIFE and NEW ADVENTURES I heard a couple of NEW SONGS that I wanted to share with you guys and you be the judge which ones are a Divine Delight or which one you think should be DESECRATED?


I have always been a fan and I will miss Gazman Couleur in Nu-Look but I agree with Nu Look with this NEW and HOT TUNE some will COME and GO within you life but SO WHAT those that are LOYAL will STAY!!! I’m a TRUE FAN so I am STAYING and ROCKING to SO WHAT………….

Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera

Pop Star CHRISTINA AGUILERA is getting back to her DIRTY ROOTS with her NEW CLUB BANGER!! This new single is definitely one for the LADIES TO ROCK OFF to but the man can join it because it’s not as FUN without you guys participating!!! LOL, BANG, BANG!!! Just for you the official unedited JAW-DROPPING nostalgic video…. You be the judge of what you think of it!!

Have a Highly Blessed and Favored week and here is my last pick for a Happy Monday Music Madness……………….


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