♫ NEW MUSIC: Trey Songz New Video ‘Yo Side of the Bed’ ♫

Hello Sweetea,

OMG, dishing the news on how much I am LOVING Trey Songz!!! He is an awesome new artist to hit the screens. I have his CD on repeat in my car and I love the song ‘Yo Side of the Bed’ and I was waiting in anticipation to see the video he was going to put out for this song. After seeing the trailer to the video it spoke volumes to me, the importance of fathers stepping in and really being involved as a parent and as a husband because you never know what life have in store for you! I knew after seeing the trailer to the up coming video for the song it was going to be nothing but AMAZING!!

However, I never excepted it to be so moving and touching!! I must say he exceeded my expectation of the video and get your box of tissues!!! Be ready to shed some tears because this is a moving and touching video featuring Keri Hilson. It’s about time we have a new artist with tunes that have substances and vitamins in it. Where the consumer can walk away feeling like there was meaning behind the song and the video!!! I hate when you have a great song and a wack video!! Thank God this isn’t one of them!!

Sashaying Off with tears running down my eyes,

Precious Pat V


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