Hello Movie Goers,

Despite all the drama before going to the movies yesterday I was able to attend the Romantic Comedy, Sex in the City 2 with two of my closes friends. As I think about it when my girlfriends and I went to go see Sex in the City we had a lot of drama that day too. But that’s what true friends are for because we were able to work it out and still manage to have a fun and fabulous time together and we got caught in the rain without an umbrella! But it all was worth it just like my friends the Fantastic and Fabulous Four all star cast favorites did it again by making my friends and I love them even more for keeping it real and not giving us a fairytale storyline! Naturally, you knew I had to put my spin on the movie despite all the negative reviews that has been published.

“Sex in The City 2” marks not only the return of our favorite Sexy in the City girlfriends and their crazy dramas and adventures within their lives dealing with love, finances, career, aging, desirable wardrobes, outstanding killer shoes, accessories, society demands, pressure and standards. These Fabulous, Fun and Flirty Fashionistas still got it and this sequel didn’t miss a beat showing me how sometimes we get what we ask for and somehow we still aren’t happy or satisfy because we always want MORE!!! However, the movie definitely expressed to all women no matter your age, cultural, single, married, and employed or unemployed enjoy life to the fullest, don’t lose yourself and always release your inner fashionistas that is fighting to come out to enjoy the FUN and PEACE of LIFE!!!

Based on the QandA I had with my friends this is what we conversed about the movie…….

What was your overall spin of the movie?

I loved it!! I was able to laugh, cry and relate to the character’s storyline in the movie (In which I think all women will be able to relate to the characters too). In my mind it was like watching my girlfriends and I on the big screen. This will be a feel good romantic comedy that I will purchase on DVD and watch it over and over again just like my old time favorite ‘Love and Basketball.’
The movie picks up the story of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her friends Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) two years after the last film ended of the ladies taking another bite out of The Big and Rotten Apple on board a first class Arab aircraft for a fabulous all-expenses paid vacation in the magical and beautiful Middle East, Abu Dhabi carrying on with their demanding lives, love and drama in a sequel that truly sparkles.  For my Fashionistas the movie is full of colorful, outstanding and breathtaking Arabian vacation outfits by designer Patricia Field, amazing accessories, run-way shoes and make-up to die for!!!  After seeing the movie, all I keep saying to myself is, “At the end of the day, that’s what I call a VACATION!!! I need a friend like Samantha Jones for real!!” LOL!!

Who was your favorite character and why?
OMG, I don’t think I can pick a favorite character because there wouldn’t be a Sex in the City if one was missing. I feel they each serve a purpose in each other’s lives and each one is as equally needed in the circle of friendship!! However, the character I related to the most was Samantha because she is single and no matter what she is always showing up and being present for her friends and their family.  The one part in the movie that stands out for me is when they were all having lunch and Samantha said, “I always make it to your children’s parties so you going to do this for me!” Totally how I be feeling with a lot of my friends today! LOL

What didn’t you like about the movie and why?
Uuummmm, I feel the movie had a little something for every woman out there to relate to with at least one or all the characters and their dramas.  So often we as women are forced to live as the ideal superwoman that can handle it all and make everyone happy for society standards, instead of being exceptional at just doing us and making time for our own PEACE and HAPPINESSNESS!  The movie had a lot of great moments and messages in the movie!  I truly do not have a bad thing to say about the movie.  It flowed well and you didn’t miss any of the storyline with editing or confusing undertones.  LOL, wait a minute the only part that was off to me was Liza Minnelli trying to dance and sing Beyonce’s song ‘Single Ladies.’ That was a HOT MESS and a JOKE! What were they thinking?!?!

What was your favorite parts of the movie and why?
My two favorite moments of the movie is Miranda found her voice and didn’t allow her career to destroy the person she wants to be which is a happy mother, wife, friend and still be a powerful and successful professional that is respected for her talent. There is a part in the movie when Miranda explains why men can’t accept strong women and I totally agree with her! My 2nd favorite moment in the movie was the bonding scène with Miranda helping Charlotte to find her voice and stop silencing her true feelings. That scène had me laughing and crying at the same time. Despite the fact, I don’t have children I totally understand being a woman period and trying to juggle between your professional and personally life while being fun, financial fit and fabulous it’s a challenge and it totally takes a lot from woman to the point she losses herself! Not to say men don’t have their fair share but like Miranda nicely put it, “I was afraid of losing the nanny and I just don’t understand how women do it without one!” If you don’t get it I’m not going to tell you because at the end of the movie Miranda better shows you with her cup of tea and magazine! Okay, I got to add another favorite part of the movie was when Mr. Big (Chris Noth) walked through the door and gave it Carrie the ring. I loved how he explained to her “I made a vow so I’m not going to give up and I am here for the long haul” so tradition and modern meet there match after all. From the beginning to the end the movie did a great job explaining the hardship and reality of our times and women’s role in society without it being a man bashing movie!!!

In your opinion what were the main message(s) of the movie?
The movie was full of messages regarding love, marriage, motherhood, womanhood, careers, cultural, aging and menopause. This all equals to what the writer was trying to express about women “Silencing and Finding their Voice.” However, what I learned especially when a group of burka-swathed sympathetic Muslim women revealed their true identity that you can respect tradition and you still can find a way to add your own modern spin to fit your lifestyle. So, don’t allow society, your family and friends’ judgments control your voice in order to find out what makes you happy. So always remember to LOVE yourself and SPEAK UP because a “CLOSED MOUTH NEVER GETS FEED!!! SITC2 also depicts that friendships are important and necessary with a balance and stay true to your values and principles. Like Samantha said ‘YES, I use condoms and YES I have sex so what!! Don’t act like you don’t too and you don’t like it!”   Samantha always stayed true to herself through out the movie and she was very comfortable being who she was despite what anyone had to say because she wasn’t allowing anyone to take her voice away from her!

Like I said I totally loved the movie and maybe I read too much into the movie but I’m entitled to MY VOICE and what SPARKLED inside of me! So, I say ‘Take Me As I Am’ and go watch the movie and be sure to enjoy it. Hopefully, I didn’t ruin it for you and I didn’t tell you too much.   Come back and share your feedback…..

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

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