Hello Kitty Wines and Wine Glasses

Hello Sweetea,
While surfing the net this weekend looking up wines to get my party started right for Memorial weekend, I ran across the most interesting and funny piece of information. I’m not a big wine fan but I have been trying out new wines to see which ones I can add to my short list of wines I like. I’m more of a mix fruity drinker and want to explore more. I know I am late with it but I’m always the designated driver so I never really got to explore my drinking side! Life is more important to live safe than putting others and myself in jeopardy because of drinking!! Not Cool to me at all!!!! While remaining safe, I can say I’m in the know now LOL, Bang, Bang!!! Let’s toast to that!!!

I love Hello Kitty but hate cats which is a weird combo right? Not!! But it’s all good because that’s me, “UNIQUE” written all in my name! However, all of Hello Kitty fans that didn’t know Sanrio began selling wine in the US the beginning of May. The collection includes Brut Rose, Sweet Pink Sparkling wine, Angel and Devil
Pinot Neros. The prices range from $19.99-$50.00 a bottle which isn’t too bad at all. Sanrio isn’t playing games they are spreading their market into the night life and the dinner table. While there is much criticism around a children cartoon, Hello Kitty producing wine, Sanrio is a very smart company because I searched on their website and couldn’t fine the wines. However, if you Goggle Hello Kitty Wine it should come up. I must say being the Fashionista with the legal age limit to drink (wink) that is always willing to try new and pretty stuff I will be sure to at least try it!!

To all my Hello Kitty and Wine lovers will you try it?!?! Have you tried it already? If you did please share which one you did and did you like it……
Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V


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