50 Cent Losses 50 Pounds

Hello Sweetea,

‘You don’t have to make everything personal, but that project was,’ 50 Cent mentioned why he lost over 50 pounds for his upcoming movie Things Fall Apart.

Whoever truly knows me… Knows I love 50 cent, Usher and Method Man. I’m going to start off by saying 50 Cent and Usher keep finding ways to get paid. Both of these dudes are smart. They are trying to get that Will Smith’s money; in return you can’t be mad about that!!! However, people just don’t get it… 50 tells you in his lyrics what he’s going to do and he clearly said that he was going to go to Hollywood and shot him some flicks, gonna have a couple models come and….. Don’t play you know the rest!! LOL, Bang, Bang!!! You know why I love 50 Cent because he is so FOCUSED and PERSISTENT to GROW and to be SUCCESSFUL! He isn’t afraid to branch out to keep hitting us with the “Death Blow!!!”

After seeing Grammy Award-winning rapper 50 Cent live in person with his rock solid body it was amazing to see pictures of him after losing 50 – 60lbs for a Oscar-worthy physical transformation with this role. Curtis James “Boo Boo” Jackson III was required to drop the weight and lose his former muscular frame. The movie Things Fall Apart, (originally speculated to be titled Love Me, Love Me Not) was written and financed by 50 Cent. He will be portraying a college football star that everyone thought was going to make it into the NFL. Instead life took another turn for him and he is diagnosed with cancer, and his life goes downhill from that point on. 50 Cent has definitely achieved a look that resembles a cancer patient with drama in his life. Jackson was inspired to write this film because he had a friend whom was diagnosed with cancer so this is why it’s personal to him and he was willing to make the sacrifice.

50 Cent reportedly went on a 9-week liquid diet and spent three hours a day on a treadmill to go from 214 to 160 pounds. 50 Cent isn’t a stranger to losing weight and taking his acting career seriously because back in 2008 he lost weight to film Microwave Park in which he plays a police officer right after Hurricane Katrina. The movie also stars Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone. I’m totally trying to shed some pounds myself but I totally would have lost my mind being on this 9 week liquid diet. However, this was a drastic weight loss in a short period of time for him and it should not be attempted by anyone looking to make a permanent change in their weight because it’s just unhealthy!! But if you stay focus and persistent you can lose the weight the healthy way and get healthy results. Look at 50 Cent’s picture below and you be the judge…..

Now that filming has wrapped up and he’s back on tour, my boo has put the meat back on his baby back ribs!!!!! He is also promoting his 3 screen plays 1. Before I Self Destruct, 2. Guns and 3. Tomorrow, TodayIn the video below, 50 speaks on his Liquid Diet, and his new album Before I Self Destruct.

LOL, Bang, Bang, Boooom he can get it and I wish I could get a bite of his meat!!!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V
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  1. Stumbled upon your blog post via google the other day and absolutely love it. Continue the fantastic work.

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