Waxing or Shaving or Vajazzling your Venus!

Hello Sweetea,

It’s that time of year again ladies to hit the pool and the beach!!! Get your suntan lotions, beach towels, beach hat, summer dress, wraps, picnic baskets, a great book and load the car to ride into fun in the sun and sand!! Oh gosh, did we forget to do something before heading to the pool or beach….. Yes, it’s all about Waxing or shaving or Vajazzling your Venus! You just have to give her a new hair due and some bling before some RandR in the summer sun. I know I have been maintaining my thrown throughout the year but I got to go get that fresh wax for my friends’ birthday event today at Spa Castle. I’ve always wanted to go there but for some funny reason, I’ve never made it over to Spa Castle. While shopping on a budget with my friends and I, we stopped into Target to go get our meal replacement shakes and bar and we got distracted by their beautiful swimsuits!! I will be sure to post the pictures. But, I am excited about finally going and can’t wait to go have some water fun in the spa!! Heheheee

While trying the bathing suits we noticed oh no ladies we have to take care of the garden before heading to the pool! In the mist of chatting, I noticed we really didn’t know all the different types of waxes out there so of course I decided to do the research and share it with you all. This information is very useful especially before heading to get your Venus wax and you come out disappointed with your new hair due! LOL, Bang, Bang Booooom!! That’s totally not going to be a good look so here is the breakdown of the most common waxes (click the link to see pictures) and look below for the hot hot trend…

American or Basic Bikini or Bikini Line Wax: Think of a tradition Victoria’s Secret cotton panty, whatever stray hairs located on the top of the thighs, under the navel and outside of the undies will be waxed away. This is your grandma’s bikini wax, definitely not for the low rise generation.

French Wax (also known as partial Brazilian Bikini Waxing): Think of a Mohawk that leaves a vertical strip of hair 2-3 finger-wide
Playboy Bikini or G-Waxing: Think of the red Baywatch bathing suit. Very high cut on the legs, anything that shows on the outside of that bathing suit is waxed away, plus some off the top. I would consider this to be your mom’s bikini wax; it’s sensible and gets off enough for a full coverage tankinit.

Brazilian Bikini Wax: is the most known for those who wear thong bikinis. A Brazilian involves the removal of all hair in the pelvic area, front and back while leaving a thin strip on your Venus. Most well trained and professional waxers will ask whether or not you want the ‘landing strip’ left or removed. Also, a Brazilian may or may not include waxing of the buttocks as well unless you request it so “Speak up and express what you want.
Egyptian Bikini Wax: Think of a bald head, nice and clean all the way off so you can Vajazzle your Venus. Unlike the Brazilian that leaves a tiny strip of hair, the Egyptian wax removes any and all hair.

Here are more waxing do’s and don’ts straight from Waxing guru Leah Nacion, owner of The Waxing Co. in Hawaii.

DO Forget Razors’ Edge – According to Leah, waxing makes skin softer and it lasts much longer than shaving. It can also seem more hygienic because it creates a cleaner and fresher feel that lasts about four weeks before new growth begins.
DON’T Be Fooled – The simple truth is home waxing kits aren’t as effective. Professional estheticians are trained to know the best conditions under which to wax – with high quality products and excellent technique. Temperature of the wax is important to avoid burning the skin, and high-quality products pull the hair up by the root, which avoids hair breakage that can cause ingrown hairs and discomfort.

DO Prepare – Preparation beforehand is also important. Hot showers and exfoliating softens hairs before waxing making it easier to remove. Leah also suggests applying a topical pain relieving cream to soothe and reduce discomfort. The Waxing Co. uses their special “No Scream Cream”. Ask your estheticians for a similar product to apply. (editors note: I use Relax and Wax No Scream Cream and it really helps by taking some edge off but DON’T expect it to take all the pain because like my mama always say “Beauty hurts so suck it up!”)

DO Shape It Up – Shaping up your Venus all year round is important and hygienic. You don’t have to go bare to lessen your stress but be creative with it. DO Have fun by waxing into different shapes or designs which is one of Hollywood’s hottest trends. Or try the hot new trend and a lot of ladies are jumping aboard by adding some bikini bling… Bedazzle your va-jay-jays known as Vajazzling.” Swarovski crystals are used and you have a variety of designs to choose from click here to watch the trailer.
Jennifer Love Hewitt on Lopez Tonight Show Talking about Vajazzling her Vensus/Va-jay-jay:

So ladies, how many of you would Vajazzle? and Fellas, how many of you would like to see your lady bedazzle her Venus?

Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V

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