How to Tell the Difference Between Friends and Acquaintances

Hello Sweetea,

Happy June!! I love June because its my birthday month and its the start of the summer weather but what do I love more are my family and friends. Keeping those that you love the most happy and into your heart is especially important in life! Its sister week and my friend Myrlande Zamor-Dimbeng wrote a great piece and I wanted to share it with you all. If you have a sister or a friend who has made you laugh, wiped your tears, hugged you tight, watched you succeed, saw you fail, cheered you on, and kept you strong always show them that they are more than an acquaintance in your life. Time has proven that in caring and sharing comes healing. Friends care, Friends share,We need friends Everywhere!

I realized that true friendship is born out of time, experience, and the emotional connection that you feel toward another individual. At times, we get so excited at the prospect of having a new social outlet, that we mistake casual acquaintances for friends.

Just because you interact with a person everyday does not necessarily make that person a friend. Often people establish social relationships with people they work with. Because there is a tendency to see these people often, there is the natural inclination to categorize these relationships as true friendships. Of course camaraderie can certainly be born on the job. But the quality of the interaction should be the true measure of how close one is to another individual.

For instance, one need not live next door to another for a strong bond to be established and nurtured. A great indicator that two people have bonded on a deeper level is their ability to connect even after an extended period of not speaking. It takes a greater level of understanding to do this, however. The rule of thumb dictates that a close friend is not necessarily someone who is always close by, but someone who constantly remains close to one’s heart.

People often think that best friends have to enjoy almost all of the same activities. But this is most often not the case. While it’s typical that two friends share a good many ideals and interests, the beauty of true friendship are the differences between people.

Quite frankly, we cannot expect our best buddies to take a keen interest in everything that we do; it isn’t fair to. But a real friend cares more about how you’re doing, than what you’re doing, or what you’ve amassed along the way. An acquaintance may be physically available on many occasions. But a real friend can offer genuine support no matter how far away he/she happens to reside from you.

If a friend asks you for a favor, and you have to roll the idea around in your head first before providing a response, then you probably have an issue either with the request—or the requestor. More than likely it is the latter. And if such is the case, then it might be time to do some re-evaluating.

With true comradeship, there is usually little hesitation when someone makes a request for a favor. On the other hand, unselfish people don’t feel the need to glean products or services from their buddies simply because they are friends. If someone you’ve recently befriended continuously asks for “favors”, or frequently “forgets” to return borrowed items, it might be in your best interest to let this person remain an acquaintance.

Always remember “Friends are like bras: Close to your heart and there for support! Not there to abuse and misuse you!”

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V
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