♫ NEW MUSIC: Usher on So You Can Dance Anthony Burrell’s Show ♫

Hello Sweetea,

For some crazy reason this website is acting up so I haven’t been able to post my latest writings and pictures but I am able to post my writings and videos. I guess its the school teacher in me but I love to post writings with pictures. Until the picture program is working I will post my other writings at a later time so please bare with me. I am really thinking about doing some video posting but I’m still thinking about it….

However, summer is almost here and most of the TV shows I watch is taking a summer break like me. Today is my official last day and I am truly going to miss my kids/students. But I need to focus on my studies, my new business and looking for a job in the field of Mental Health so keep me in your prayers because your Divine Diva have a lot on her Dish.

Well, back to one of the shows I love during the summer break is So You Think You Can Dance. I really like dancing and truly enjoy this show. But this year them bringing back some of the pros is cool but I think that really took away from us seeing some new dancers. I really think they should of did a competition with all the pros and leave the newbies to battle it out. I was totally outraged that Anthony Burrell didn’t make the show! He was the older guy from Harlem that rocked Vegas week with a jacked up leg and he had the most passion compared to the other guys they picked to be on the show! He have the “IT” but he didn’t make the show!? SMDH, are they flipping kidding me and this is suppose to be the battle of the pros?! That was pure BS if you ask me and boycotted the show since than!! Check him out for youself and you be the judge……

I did watch the 1st episode to see how the guys would compare to Anthony and was still disappointed once again Anthony a fresh new talent didn’t make it! If I could get in touch with him I would so love to do an interview with him and I pray he gets a bigger gig than the show because “HE’s GOT TALENT!!” Good Luck to Anthony and I would love to do an interview with him and Usher! Just putting it out there lol!

However, I was happy for my boo Usher, who was able to be the 1st star guest on the show! What a treat to get me back watching the show. Talk about Usher “GOT TALENT!!!!!”


Usher reminds me so much of Micheal Jackson and I was never able to see him in concert and I must see Usher on this tour he have coming up!! So, Usher I’m patiently waiting and will make it happen to attend this tour for real a real because I truly loved you from day one and you just keep on growing and growing as an artist and entrepreneur!! I want to be just like you!! Seriously, I do!! :o)

Somebody To Love Remix – Justin Bieber ft. Usher

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

3 Responses to “♫ NEW MUSIC: Usher on So You Can Dance Anthony Burrell’s Show ♫”
  1. Rashidah says:

    I have been to an Usher concert twice in the past and it is really worth the money

  2. OMG, I haven't and I am super mad about that!! That is surely on my bucket list a must do be4 I pass away!!! Keep me posted becuz I have 2 go to his next concert ASAP!!

  3. Kelly says:

    I agree with you!! I love the show and I was and still am upset Anthony didn't get picked to be on the show!! He was better than the other 2 dancers and I pray he gets something bigger and better like you mentioned! Also, thanks for sharing Usher's performance because I missed it.

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