Hello Sweetea,

To all the Fathers in the world that understood what it meant to be a man and a presence in your child’s life. And not just being known as the sperm donor, dead beat dad and absentee father HAPPY DADDY’S DAY because only a man can really teach his son how 2 be a man and teach his daughter how a man should treat her like a Divine Diva!! Men help make Father’s Day as important as Mother’s Day by showing up and being a Daddy so you can be treated like a KING for a day!!! It’s never to late to step-up and step-in to do your part as a parent!!

My HONOR and RESPECT especially for my own Daddy and all those men in my life who has been a father figure to me and remain a role model what a Daddy and Hubby should be in a woman’s and child’s life!!

Also to the SINGLE MOTHERS that have to be a mother and a father to their children I want to wish you a HAPPY DADDY’S DAY as well!!! And KEEP YOUR HEAD UP because GOD is with you!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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