♫ NEW MUSIC: Harmonik on America’s Got Talent ♫

Hello Sweetea,

I had to share this with you all and I know a lot of people missed a group of talented men original from Haiti now living in Florida who started a Haitian Band called Harmonik. These group of guys can sing the draws off the ladies and set the mood right for the night! I am so proud of these young men and I pray they make it because they are very talented brothers that are trying to make a difference for my Haitian peoples!!! There are a lot of talented Haitian artists out there and its good to see these young men were brave to find the ox. Take it by its horn and ride it as far as they can!

Also, please keep Haiti in your prayers and keep doing your part because they remain a nation in mourning with more than a million homeless people and dead following January’s catastrophic 7.0 earthquake.  With the need to reconstruct the nation is dealing with another major issue that threatens their progress… The weather! It’s common sense to understand how tropical storms, tropical depression, hurricanes and tropical waves would pose a heightened danger this year, since tents and weakened structures would be no match for the wind or flooding rain associated with any storm. Haiti’s structures may also be at risk from flash floods, and non-stop rain that can occur without warning, which is also more likely to occur this year than in a normal hurricane season.

Sanders Solon , Mac D Talon , Nickenson Prud’homme and Joel Anglade did a great job in representing Haitians and picked a great song selection to represent Haiti.

!Harmonik on America’s Got Talent Orlando, FL auditions and onto Vegas for them!!

I never watched the show but now I will be following to see how far they can go!! This Haitian Diva will be rooting and praying for Haiti and Harmonik to win for Haiti! So guys always remember have faith in God to keep you guys strong, focus and hungry to win it!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

6 Responses to “♫ NEW MUSIC: Harmonik on America’s Got Talent ♫”
  1. Annie says:

    Thanks for posting Pat! I missed it last night, but just saw it — they did great and looked great 🙂

  2. You are very welcome Annie! I know a lot of ppl missed it so I had to support my Haitians by posting it on my spot on the net! Thanks for visiting and you are always welcome here!

  3. Jeanne says:

    I saw it and I LOVED it! I knew you would post!

  4. You are welcome and I enjoy the power of the written word to shape, heal and transform. Sharing is caring!!

  5. annette says:


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