Happy 32nd Birthday Food for Thoughts

Hello Sweetea,
It’s my 32nd BDay and I am having mix feelings! The devil is working overtime with the hiccups it’s throwing my way but I will not allowing it to take away from the Blessings God has given me to live another year to celebrate. So every year as I turn one year older and one year confuse about life I like to make a list of reflections of what I feel has made me wiser, look at my bucket list to see what I have accomplish and what I need to work on. As, I am reflecting on the process from turning 31 to 32 I come to realized I have come a long way and despite the hard road in between I made sure I enJOYed the JOurneY by putting God 1st and I am very THANKFUL I am alive with all my abilities and talents to type this. So let me start off…

Precious Pat V

  1. Allowing myself to really understand I may plan out my life but God really have the last say. Like they always say “You plan and God laughs!! I would always fight why things can’t work out the way I plan it but now accepting how it plays out because sometimes that’s just how God wants it to be. To trust he will work it out!
  2. I am proud of myself for finishing my dual masters program and getting a certificate program completed in 2 years when I was told I wouldn’t be able to do it by my school staff because the program is a 4 years program to finish. I proved to them don’t ever tell Pat she can’t do it because it’s just not in my nature to hear No because it just means to me Next Opportunity to do what I got to do to make it come true for me.
  3. Accepting to love myself for who I am and know I am a work in progress so take me as I am. I learned to be true to who I am and don’t allow others to pressure me to do what doesn’t subscribe to my principles and values in my life because at the end of the day I have to be happy to look myself in the mirror when I’m done.
  4. My older brother Big Will for giving me strength to finish my grief counseling program and helping me to better deal with his passing in my life. It forced me to accept he is no longer with me and I have to stop being anger at him for leaving his twin behind!
  5. Learning to appreciate all the people I love because life isn’t promise and don’t take them for granted. Also, I can have fun hanging out with myself and I don’t need to have an entourage in order to have fun.
  6. My grandmother for teaching me the true meaning of being a strong Haitian woman! Words cannot describe how she has been such an influential person in my life!
  7. IAccepting my family and friendships with the amazing individuals that choose to be in my life and don’t force relationships that aren’t meant to be by keeping it real and humorous at the same time.
  8. My loving mother, whom I don’t always see eye to eye with but whom I’m glad we can challenge each other in our differences and we are always there for each other! I totally understand the importance of having a mother that is in your corner and knows her role as a parent because a lot of children just aren’t bless with at least one parent to love them!
  9. I totally thank my dad for being my best man in my life and for being present!! He is super supportive and always has my back. I pray to find a man that can spoil me like he does. We are the best of roommate ever and I’m proud to say I’m daddy’s girl!!
  10. Learning how to time manage my life form working full-time in Brooklyn, full-time student in New Rochelle (taking classes Mon. – Thurs.), living in Queens, attending church services in Brooklyn and still being very active in my sorority. I felt like a chicken with her head cut off while trying to have a personally life but I made it all happen!! So Persistence is my best Resistance!
  11. Thanking my sis Angel for knowing when to step-in and taking charge. Always showing me the best time in Florida
  12. Thanking my brothers CJ and KD for allowing me to keep a peace of mind and pushing me to do better and keep me climbing the ladder to make that $$!!
  13. After getting laid off before I planned to leave I thought I was f**ked because I wasn’t going to be able to finish my internship hours for school and I wouldn’t finish my graduated programs. I was very depressed and stressed because I was so close to the finish line and now I felt like I wasted my time. Also, thinking my school staff would be right. However, I learned prayers work and putting in the work in a short period of time I prove I will not be defeated! Also God always open doors when one closes. And he sends people in your life for a reason and for a season
  14. I totally thank my good friend Marylynn for being by my side and aiding me through my crazy times and reminding me of the success I have accomplish so I need to stop selling myself short. Also for taking the risk to start our own together. I am super excited we finally took the charge to start our own business together and now we have to bus our chops to make it a success by not letting our 9 -5 take a priority over our future goals!
  15. 9-5’s are cool but I must always remember be it a career or a job it’s still not my so I should always work overtime for my own not for someone else because they can let me go at anytime the $$ is funny. When I possess my own there isn’t no limited to how much can come in if we stay on the grind!
  16. I totally want to thank my Macomere Annette for Blessing me with the opportunity to witness the importance of life, the joy of bringing in a precious life and to be her son’s God-mother. A position in life I take very seriously being that I was deprived the honor and privilege to have Godparents that were present in my life. Also for being a supportive friend and always trying her best to push my creativity. Also, being my relationship therapist!!
  17. To all my Brooklyn friends that I grew up with and we continue to remain friends till this day I am so thankful for their friendship and our memories we keep on making. They help me to understand what TRUE friendship means and they are the sisters I never had!
  18. To all the Sorors and Greeks that help me to see I made the right lifetime commitment to be a Devastating Diva of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. I love my sorority and my Sorors! I thank God for helping me to make the best decision. Also, I am very proud to say I’m more than a t-shirt wearer and I put in the work and not make excuses why I can’t be about the change our community needs!
  19. Being thankful I am able to be a positive influence to all the kids I work with be it at my employment, mentoring and through my Delta work. I am also thankful for the children aiding me to remain young, teaching me patience, dedication and consistency to be the best I can be and one day to be the best parent. Also, to be grateful for the life I experience and I currently have plus for the loves ones I have in my life.
  20. My CCC lessons that has planted spiritual seeds and strength in my life that will last a lifetime. Pastor Bernard teaching me how to relate the Bible readings to my everyday life.
  21. Understanding prayer really works and it has changed so many things in my life. I will always keep talking to my father because he is real and understanding the only love that is unconditionally is God’s love! So stop expecting and live by no expectations of others.
  22. Finally learning what it means to “Meet people where they at!” If I want people to take me as I am, I must than do it in return without any judgment!
  23. Admitting I have an unhealthy relationship with food and doing what I have to do to live a healthier lifestyle! I’m happy I learned how to eat with control and balance. Also, learning how to read the labels and finding healthy foods I do enjoy eating!
  24. Coming to terms with the fact that I hate the gym but I know if I want to be healthy and not overweight I must maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.
  25. Learning I hate chasing people and I cannot stand when people say they going to do something and they don’t!
  26. Learning I don’t do well with lending out money because I think everyone is like me hating to own people but that’s just not the case! So, I need to stay away from lending money out and if you ask don’t feel hurt if I say no!
  27. Understanding my conversations with God that have minister me to close chapters and work through emotions while setting goals in areas that I didn’t know I had to.
  28. Repairing and growing my relationship with my ex in order to open my heart to find my soul mate. Also, I thank the men that have shape me to be a better woman
  29. Keeping an open mind and going outside my norm when it comes to dating outside my race and doing online dating. What an experience!
  30. Finding the JOY in every JOurneY in order to see the lessons of life! Appreciating the little things in life! Like my parents passing on good genes to me because I still get card and people don’t believe I am 32 now!!! Great to look and feel Young and Fabulous! Pinky what are we going to do today? Brain we are going to take over the world!! LoL, Bang, Bang, Booom!!!
  31. Thanking Rashana for helping me to find my new passion in writing. Learning the power of counseling through written word to heal, shape, transform and inform others.
  32. Last but not lease understanding the importance of “Life is not worth living if you don’t live it up to the fullest with Love, Laugh, Goals, Peace of mind and fun!!!!
**And my wish for my 32nd is to continue to grow, keep an open mind, strengthen my relationships with God, my family and friends that love, accept and understand me. Always keep God in my heart in order to live by his word, plant his seeds and exhibit his spirit in everything I do, touch, go after and experience!** Thank you God and to all that has at one point or another played an important part to make all my Birthdays to date memorable. I can happily write I don’t recall every having a terrible birthday which is super cool!!

Sashaying Off with a Happy face on and signing Happy Birthday to me, Happy BDAY to me!!

Precious Pat V
10 Responses to “Happy 32nd Birthday Food for Thoughts”
  1. Barkha Dhar says:

    You seem to be such a sweet person for you have a long list of thankyous…as long as you seem to have grown in life with such sweet people around you who care for you. And they too are fortunate to have you for your honest writing tells me that you really are precious!!. Belated Happy BirthdayBarkha Dhar http://dharbarkha.blogspot.com/

  2. Luchi Smiles says:

    Happy birthday!. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  3. Sam I Am says:


  4. Thank you so much Sammy for coming out last night and helping yet again to make this a bday to remember!!! Luv ya boo

  5. Thank you so much Barkha for your kind words and I like to always thank those that are a Blessing to me because I like to let ppl know when they are a Blessing and it makes me and them feel good! I never want anyone to feel unappreciated because trends to do that!! Luchi thank you for I had a great day and will do a post about it so you and everyone else please feel free to come back to read it!!

  6. Nancy says:

    Girl you still suffering from the hiccups!! Dont stress enjoy your B-Day and B-Day week. The devil cant hold you down.

  7. Yeah, Nancy u know there is always some drama along the way but we push pass it to make the best of it all!! Thank God I didn't allow the devil to hold me down cuz I had a BLAST BOO!! Can't wait till Sat!!

  8. Jean says:

    Happy Birthday girl wish u all the best for your new year enjoy and party hard

  9. Hey Pat – After reading your "32nd Birthday Ode" and I must say it was real, inspiring and encouraging. You know life is all about lessons and those of us lucky to learn them have a responsibilty to teach and pass that lesson on. I'm so glad you have fell in love with words and writing as I did. I'm glad I fulfilled god's purpose in that arena. I wish you all the best in this world and thank you again for allowing me to share this journey with you. Happy Birthday!

    • Thank you Rashana!! I always love writing instead of taking exams at school. My teachers always said they enjoyed my writing but I needed to work on my grammar! I guess you can’t have it all right!! LOL! Anyhow, thank you and now I’m an addict!!!

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