What’s the HYPE about HEIGHT?

Hello Sweetea,

“I don’t know what you looking at Shorty but I need you to drink more milk!” Is the common statement that I have been saying to myself lately!  And some females have been complaining about! The lack of men with HEIGHT! I really just don’t understand why there is a lack of men with height?!re I ally think their parents needed to give them more milk when they were growing up. Note to all parents raising boys please give them a lot of MILK and PRAY for HEIGHT genes please!! LOL!!

Height have a lot of advantages and benefits, ask the Lakers’ players. If you watched the Celtics and Lakers games, I totally felt the Lakers had a height advantage over the Celtics. I’m a Celtics fan and not making excuses to why they lost because they gave the Lakers a fight till the end but boy oh boy was I disappointed about the height disadvantage. I know you can’t have it all but is height a deal breaker for you?

The last couple of dates I’ve been on the men where shorter than me and that just turned me off. However, I know a lot of guys like tall women but egos at times do get bunched up in their boxers. I had a good time with the short dudes but I just couldn’t look pass the height because I really don’t want to be hugging a man and he is hugging my twins instead of me smelling his sexiness and his cologne luring me in! I know I am only 5’5 which isn’t that tall but the average height of a man is 5’6 -5’8 which doesn’t give me much wiggle room to rock my killer pumps! I don’t like to rock flats when going out and majority of my shoes are heels so a man taller than me completes my day and night look!

Other reasons why height is important to me and some females I surveyed….

Sexy and Security! According one lady, “I am attracted to a tall man because it’s just Sexy and he gives me the Security blanket that he can protect me. There is nothing sexier to me when walking with a tall handsome man with my heels on into a location. His height conveys a message to step off because I got her back and don’t even try to punk me because I will stomp you!” When I asked a couple of females and they all said the same thing “It makes them feel SECURE, the man gets more RESPECT and his PRESENCE isn’t mistaken because he can PROTECT me. And when I am sad or angry, having a guy to rest my head on or next to my while he’s holding me is the most comforting thing in the world. It just makes me feel like he’s there for me and that he’ll protect me from anything because he feels and looks like a MAN and not like a BOY I have to put in a booster seat.

The best part HEIGHT is SEXY! But for some they feel ‘I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care because demanding a taller guy narrows the field dramatically.For me being 5’5 I love it when I can look up into his eyes or look eye to eye and not look down at him like he is my son. Some women feel a man must LOOK like a man or else he is not even considered. Also what female wouldn’t like a man that can just pick her up and throw her over his shoulder like Tarzan and head into the juggle of back breaking love fest!

You have to be taller than the female members in my family and especially my parents and brothers! I want a man who can look eye to eye with my family members especially my dad and my brothers. My dad and brothers are overly protected of me so I want a man to feel confident standing in the mix with my dad and brothers. I don’t want him to feel intimated because of his Napoleon complex especially among the tall female cousins in my family!! I have a lot of tall female members in my family so I would hate to introduce my boo and the females in my family are looking down at him instead of up with respect. No one wants to deal with the jokes and looking at pictures where he is shorter than all the tall giants in their family.

Hanging Nicely Loose! Besides being able to wear heels, taller men make some women feel small, feminine and romantic arouse!  Let’s face it the myth is the taller the man, the bigger the feet and hands, the bigger the banana tree hangs! You know what I’m talking about…. Like Gloria on Basketball Wives would say “That’s What’s Up!” LOL, Bang, Bang, BOOOOM! Wink*Wink!  (Which isn’t always true but there is a good amount of truth to it according to a lot of women I spoke to!) So, men and women you weigh in on this….

Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V
2 Responses to “What’s the HYPE about HEIGHT?”
  1. Ben says:

    This is another reason why so many females are single, and then they say there are no good man out there. Bring your standards down alittle, and get your head out of the clouds.

  2. OMG, are you serious!? LMAO!!! You better give my little man a lot of milk at home so he don’t have to worry about the hype behind his height!!! So, let me ask you if your tall cousins and sister had a bit size man you wouldn’t have jokes for life and think in your mind you can jack him up if he steps out of line?

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