Simple, Healthy, Quick and Divine 4th of July BBQ Meals!!!

Hello Sweetea,

It’s summer time and the best time of the year! No one wants to stand in front of the hot stove and cook. It’s time to grill it up and have fun. Pull out the grill and call some friends and family over to get your BBQ going for the summer.

Looking for simple, healthy and quick items to serve your guest! Well, forget slaving in the kitchen and get your grill on because I have 5 healthy and tasty dishes that are going to make your 4th of July start the fire works!

Corn on the Cob

Grilled or bowled corn needs minimal preparation before grilling.  You can purchase the frozen or unfrozen in their husk. Remove from bag or unhusk the corn, wash and bowl it. Don’t forget to add a little bit of sugar in the bowled water. After the corn has been bowled if someone preferred it grill just toss it on the grill.  After grilled to your liking you can eat it as is or you spruce it up a bit by adding some cayenne pepper. Trust me your guests are going to be crying for more!

Turkey or Salmon Burgers

Change it up a bit and serve turkey or/and salmon burgers. The traditional beef burgers can be a bit boring and served at every BBQ so why not offer your guest new options. Season the patties with salt-free all purpose seasoning, whole ground flaxseed, cayenne and chili pepper. Try grilling onions, mushrooms and tomato to add to your burgers. Add your favorite fat-free cheese with low-fat mayo or honey mustard dressing on your Arnold’s 100 calories whole wheat bun. Don’t for get to add your lettuce and talk about filling and healthy!

Grilled Sweet Plantains

The Caribbean side of me love me some plantains and it’s always a missing item at BBQs. So, I decided to throw it in the mix and try it. Trust me you will not regret it. Instead of bowling or frying your plantains, try to add color and sweetness with grilled sweet plantains. Slice the plantains into halves and grilled, the delightful aroma will lure in all of your hungry guests.

BBQ Chicken, Shrimp, Steak and/or Veggie Skewers

It doesn’t get much better than gourmet finger food. Skewers are a quick fix on a stick! These finger licking treats can be made with cut up skinless chicken breast, steak and pre-cooked shrimps. You can season them with the same ingredients above to add flavor with and add sweet peppers, onions, cucumbers, zucchinis and/or olives. If you want to get a little daring add cut up mangos and lemon to dress the skewers up and wow your guests. Don’t forget to add the finishing touch of BBQ sauce.

Fruit Skewers

Show off your ability to be fun and creative with fruit skewers. Not only are they appealing, they’re great as desserts or appetizers. It’s pretty simple that you can employ the kids to aid you put these together. I added red grapes, strawberries, melon and pineapple. But you can use whatever fruits you want.

There you have it, simple, healthy, quick and divine!  Bon Appetite!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

4 Responses to “Simple, Healthy, Quick and Divine 4th of July BBQ Meals!!!”
  1. Betty says:

    Thanks for the Caribbean and most importantly healthy touch of grilling!!! I gotta try these out!! Once again thanks!!! Also can you post more on healthy items you put in your shopping cart! I like the items you put up about healthy eating since I’m trying to clean out my food cabinet, lose weight and need help! Thanks and I hope that isn’t too much to ask since I see you have a lot of great post on every topic which keeps it interesting to drop in on your diary!

    • You are very welcome!! Thanks for dropping in to visit and your welcome here all the time. I will be sure to add more about me changing to a healthier lifestyle!! Trust me its been hard but a work in progress!!! I will try my best to get the news!! Stay tune Betty!! Good Luck and we can do this together!!!

  2. Oh thank you so much Body Workout 101!!! That was super nice of you and I hope you joined me on facebook and subscribe to my news feed. I will be posting more on my healthy journey since a lot of readers have requested it!!!

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