Prego Alicia Keys Mindset is “The Show Must Go On!”

Hello Sweetea,

Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about being pregnant and how it’s an important time in a couples life. Somehow, Alicia Keys performance this past weekend got brought up in the conversation. My friend mentioned “She don’t know if she would of took the graceful route or the 1st time mommy-to-be route to run off stage and get her and her baby checked out after falling”. We both got the thinking…. Hey they are some artists that are loyal to their fans and they are some that are just plain old selfish to their fans!! Well, you can weigh in on this…. What would you do if you were Keys this past weekend?

Alicia Keys, 29, is expecting her first baby and she is getting married to music producer Swizz Beatz, 31.

I am happy to announce it’s been reported, Prego Alicia Keys & unborn baby are fine after Keys fell onstage during her performance at 2010 16th annual Essence Music Festival that was held in New Orleans on July 3rd. I can say as an artist she is a true Divine Diva because she got back up and continued the show. She could have stopped the show after the first song but she was a real brave heart because she gave her fan$ their money’$ worth. A representative for Alicia Keys has announced that Alicia Keys and her unborn baby are fine, following the fall she took at the 16th annual Essence Music Festival. Keys is currently five months pregnant, and she was able to twist so that she landed on her back instead on her belly while performing. The crowd looked worried and concerned as Keys’ stood up and continued her performance.  Talk about selfless and giving of herself as a first time mommy. I don’t know if I was rocking those hot high heels while prego and I fell if I would be able to remain cool, calm, collective and cute at the same time singing my butt off!! I give her nuff respect because if I was there like I was supposed to be but remixed my plans, I would have totally understood if she would have cut the show short.

However, the incident quickly made its way online, where rumors stated that the fall may have created a number of complications with Alicia’s pregnancy. A representative for Keys quickly denied these rumors, saying that both Alicia and her unborn baby were unharmed in the fall. You best believe it was reported Keys’ performance at the Essence Music Festival will be her last performance of the summer, and she will likely not be seen performing again until sometime after her child is born. Also, Keys recently announced her engagement to rapper and producer Swizz Beatz. The two have been dating for quite some time, and despite their increased sense of privacy, rumors made their way online stating that Keys was pregnant. Soon after the rumors made their way online, Keys and Swizz announced that they were both pregnant, and engaged. The couple has been a source of controversy in recent months, after Swizz’s ex-wife, Mashonda, released an open letter to Keys, detailing how distraught she was when she found out that her husband had been seeing Keys behind her back.

Recording artist Swizz Beatz (R) with ex-wife Mashonda (L) and their 2 sons.

I totally respect Alicia Keys as an artist but if she is a home wrecker  which I can’t speak on because I’m not a fly on the wall to know the facts. Only Keys and Swizz can speak on that! I totally wish them well and think they both need to ask for God’s forgiveness because I don’t agree with cheating and shacking up with someone’s husband! It’s just isn’t cool but one should not judge and throw rocks if you can’t live in a glass house! Image if you were in her heels, you would want others to wish you well too!! So, let us all pray and wish mom & dad-to-be and their unborn baby well!!! May God watch and protect them!!

Alicia Keys has had her unborn child blessed in a traditional Zulu ceremony while in South Africa for the World Cup.

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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