Brooklyn’s Largest Picnic: HeatWave 10.0

Hello Sweetea,

More FREE FUN in the SUN for YOU!!! MIH is hosting their annually held picnic located in Brooklyn Prospect Park tomorrow, SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2010 between 12 -8 pm. Free events is a great time to connect with family, friends and couples.

Yes,“Heatwave 10.0″ will be a time to see friends you haven’t seen in a long time so bring out your blankets, lawn chairs, BBQ food, grills and ice cooler full of ice and drinks to cool you off!! From what I know, this is an event not to miss and I’m feeling sour I will not be of attendance so bring the camera and take mad pictures so I can see what I missed in the BROOKLYN BABY and check out the fashion in the park!!! Spread LOVE is the Brooklyn way Baby!!!!!

HeatWave 10.0

!2 pm – 8pm

Prospect Park

Grand Army Plaza Enterance

Park Slope | Brooklyn

How to get there?

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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