Can A Fit and Fab Buddy Help You Lose Weight?

Hello Sweetea,

Often people are looking for the right diet plan that can help them lose weight. Some are also looking for a few friends looking to lose weight to help them too. People often think losing weight is hard and having the right diet plan and the right diet buddy will make it all easier to lose the weight and reach the finish line.

A Fit and Fab buddy is a family member, a friend or a co-worker who you partner with in order to help each other lose weight. According to many fitness experts, they say if you know that you have to account for your actions to someone besides yourself you are much more likely to stick to losing weight and successfully meet your goal. However how true is that?

I think having a good combination of a healthy eating pattern, exercise regime and a support system is a great way to motivate a person to lose weight. Having all three isn’t hard but is it enough? Is it all possible if you are not truly ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line!

Your 1st Fit and Fab buddy should be YOU!!! I have learned no matter how many people you have in your corner if YOU are not ready nothing gets done. Your fit and fab buddy can call, you can ignore the call. They can buzz the bell and you can pretend not to be home. They can insult you and you can tune them out. They can try to motivate you and you can just be unmotivated! Or it can go the other way around… The fit and fab buddy can be as lazy as you. The fit and fab buddy can just go with the flow and really not b fully invested in doing the work needed to lose the weight. So, I say all this to say it’s very important to understand there are pros and cons to having a fit and fab buddy.

The key to finding a fit and fab buddy be it near or far is you being your #1 cheerleader! Once you are mentally ready to make the physically move others will be a great support system. You need to find someone or a group that is focus just like you and you can trust. You should find a person or a group of people who has similar weight loss goals as you and you feel comfortable to be honest and they can be honest with you too.

A lot of time it’s hard to find a fit and fab buddy who you will see regularly or live relatively close to you. This is why online buddy systems, mags, blogs and weight loss support groups are very popular and reliable. You can build a profile online, read others stories, interact, make friends with people of your interest and support each other. This is a helpful way you can compare and talk about what’s going on and how you are progressing. Share shopping list, get good advice, secrets, workout regimen and menus.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a diet buddy near so I’m mentally and physically ready to make it all happen so my fit and fab buddies are online and writing on my websites are really helping me to make the move towards the finish line. Fit and Fab buddies lets keep supporting each other and understand be your number one fan! Also welcome and join those who are willing to take this JOurneY with you because it’s easy to gain the weight but harder to lose it!!! However, having the right motivation and a great motivating team it’s all worth celebrating a Fit and Fab you!!!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

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