An Interview with 32 Candles author Ernessa T. Carter

Hello Sweetea,

This summer has been so great especially since I finished grad school and I was able to start leisurely reading again. So, naturally the first book on my summer reading list was of course 32 Candles. It was fitting for me to read 32 Candles fist being that I just celebrated my 32nd birthday, the author, Ernessa T. Cater graduated from a women’s college, and she started off as a blog writer before becoming a full blow #1 book seller. Can I tell you I share so much in common with Ernessa T. Carter that I just had to read 32 Candles!! I was totally amazed how the book captivated my attention that I read the 400 page book in one sitting! I was so pulled and glued to Davie Jones’ story that I just couldn’t put the book down and totally enjoyed every bit of the book.

I was super excited to find out the fierce and nerdy blogger/writer was going to be in New York. However, I was very disappointed I found out author Ernessa T. Carter would be in town when I would be on vacation so I wouldn’t be able to attend the book signing. But God always open doors and I was super excited my friend attended for me and to top it off the Fierce and Nerdy Divine Diva contacted me to do this special interview for me and my readers!! I hope you all enjoy the interview and it motivates you to read Carter’s first and best seller novel.

Name: Ernessa T. Carter

Age: 33

Education: graduated from Smith College and Carnegie Mellon University’s MFA program

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Currently Living: Los Angeles, CA

Profession before becoming a writer:  I was born a writer, but I did hold a series of day jobs before getting paid for it, including ESL teacher in Japan, a payroll administrator in Burbank, a radio writer for American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest in Hollywood, a music journalist in Pittsburgh and contracts administrator.

Precious Pat V: I noticed on your bio you are a retired L. A. Derby Doll. So, not to be funny but that doesn’t sound too nerdy to me… Please do tell us what was your Derby Doll name?

Ernessa T. Carter: Yes, I was actually an original Derby Doll and my name was Kid Vicious.

PPV: That is cool and adventurous! By any chance did you join a sorority?

ETC: No, I didn’t join a sorority but I considered roller derby a sort of sorority. A really strange and different but fun sorority.

PPV: Thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourself so please do explain why did you name the book 32 Candles?

ETC: That’s a funny story. The book was originally called A MOLLY RINGWALD ENDING, but then Molly Ringwald’s lawyers sent me a stern letter about that title. So we put it to our readers at, the community blog that I run, and they chose the name 32 CANDLES

PPV: Wow that’s interesting you allowed your readers to choose your 1st book title! So, who or what was your inspiration and influenced you to write the book?

ETC: I wrote the book mostly because I really, really wanted to read it. But it’s interesting how 32 Candles got published… I did all that work on my book, but I was hesitant to take the next step of sending it out to agents. My husband basically browbeat me into querying agents. I’m lucky, because he’s very encouraging, and I don’t know that I would have gotten past my fear of failure.

PPV: Thank God you had a great roommate which is rare to find! Talking about friends were any of the characters based on any real life person(s) in your life or yourself?

ETC: The main character was deeply influenced by my mother, BFF, husband and my favorite literary character, Celie from THE COLOR PURPLE.

PPV: Yes, Celie boy oh boy really endured a lot in the movie just like Davie did in your book but I liked how life played out for her. However, why did you make all the characters damaged?

ETC: My question to most writers is why wouldn’t you make the characters damaged? Nothing turns me off more than reading a book about characters that are simply gorgeous and sweet. How uninteresting.

PPV: I don’t know if it’s the teacher or counselor in me but I can totally understand teaching a lesson through each character is defiantly a great read in my book!! Ernessa, being that your target demographic of readers are ages 25 – 40 years old…. What was the overall message/lesson you were trying to convey to the readers? Also what message/lesson was you trying to convey to them about love?

ETC: No lesson, just story. Though, I’m curious to know what lessons readers are taking away from 32 Candles.

PPV: Well, the lesson I got is with time people don’t forget but have to learn to forgive and heal because revenge isn’t the answer and it sure don’t take away the pain and hurts!! As a blogger/writer myself 😎 what advice would you give to up and coming writers that you have learned?

ETC: Start like now or keep working on your blog. It allows you to promote yourself early, and there’s no such thing as beginning your promotion early. Get a twitter account and start mingling online. But most of all, write the best book you can. Don’t even think about sending your work out if you think you could do better.

PPV: Thanks for the great advice and yes keeping up with my blog is a lot of work but fun. Ernessa how do you do it?… Keeping up with your blog and what have changed in your life that you are finding the hardest to adjust to right about now?

ETC: I totally agree and think like every newly-published writer, I often have trouble finding time to do both write and promote.

PPV: Well you are doing a great job with juggling especially with the success of 32 Candles are you nervous about your following novel? Will there be a sequel? And what can your readers expect from Ernessa T. Carter in the future?

ETC: I’m still too nervous about 32 CANDLES to be nervous about the next book — yet. No sequel for 32 because I’ve finished a rough draft of my second novel, which I’m calling “my book club bomb” titled THE AWESOME GIRL’S GUIDE TO DATING EXTRAORDINARY MEN. A few of the minor characters from 32 become major characters in AWESOME. Davie and James also makes an important cameo.

PPV: I’m sad there isn’t going be a sequel because you left me hanging what was the finally outcome of Davie and James but I’m happy to read you have a new book you are working on and the two of them will make a cameo. LOL, so Ernessa describe to me how do you live life like a divine diva, what can’t you live without and what are you enjoying the most about the success of your 1st book?

ETC: I really just try to attend to my happiness. Happiness pays out in major ways, but it has to be tended to and cultivated, like a garden. I also try to do the things that scare me and accept challenges, so that I don’t get bored. I had gotten to a point in my life, where I wasn’t meeting very many new people. Now, I meet new people dang near every day and I love that. Also, I just love spending time with my husband and child.

PPV: Ernessa thank you so much for doing this interview with me and allowing my readers and I to get to know more about you, your book and what’s next. Before we close please tell the readers how can they contact or KIT with you please…. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.)

ETC: No, thank you and you are welcome! Here are the many ways for you and your readers to get in touch:



Facebook page:


If you are looking for a summer read? Throw 32 CANDLES in the bag because it’s worth it so click on! Trust me you will not regret this purchase!!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

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