♫ New Song:Young Jeezy ~ “All White Everything” Video♫

Hello Sweetea,

It’s Monday Madness with Music to get you in the groove for the week!! However, I’m still on limbo with this one but hey you check it out and decide!!!

White will never be the color that you can put away and forget about it!!! I guess Young Jeezy understands that concept so he decided to make a song out of it!!!! Okay, I’m not sure if I like it or if I don’t…… It’s still up in the air for me but one thing I’m sure about …… I’m loving all the white fashion!!!! There is nothing sexier to see a dark skin man in all white!! Uuuuummmm, yum, yum!!! He look so Fresh and so Clean!! LOL, Bang, Bang, Boooooom!!! Yeah, the ladies look Sexy too!!!

Young Jeezy shot the video for “All White Everything” in Atlanta.

Young Jeezy’s “All White Everything” video shoot shot by Decatur Dan.

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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