Sweet Micky Running for President of Haiti

Hello Sweetea,

It’s official the Kompa singer Michel Martelly (BKA Sweet Micky)signed on the dotted black line! He is running for President of Haiti for the November 2010 election!!

Check the video: In the video you see Kompa singer Michel Martelly (BKA Sweet Micky) going in and leaving the electoral office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti after submitting his paperwork to run to be president.

Many are calling this a A New Start For Haiti by having Michel Martelly (BKA Sweet Micky)as the new President of Haiti! I don’t know if he will be taken seriously being his style of artistry but one thing I do know this election is going to be very important for the changes that need to be made in Haiti and its going to be very interesting!

Here is a press release for Michel Martelly:

Always at the crossroads of change in Haiti.

He symbolized the renewal of Haitian music creating the bridge between the old

and the new generation.

Once again, Michel Martelly will bridge the gap between our past and

destroying the aspirations of the new generation that wants to make

Haiti one of the most prosperous in the Caribbean in the service of all its citizens.

What is your take?

Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V


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