All Inked Up!

Hello Sweetea,

I love art and the different ways one can express themselves!! One form of art I do like is body art and tattoos! I was thinking about getting another tattoo and ran across Beyond Black Beauty post about Think before you Ink. So, I wanted to share her post with my D-Community because it was a good read! I don’t think people really sometime stop to think tattoos are an expression of yourself so be wise in the decision you make to put on you body! I know you can remove it but why put your body through the add and add off pain! So, I totally again with Think before you Ink.

It’s funny, I saw this twitpic while messing around with my twitter account a couple weeks back and I just figured out how to save the picture in order to add it here!! LAM!!! (LAM=Laughing at myself!!) (Technology isn’t my thing!!! LOL)…

Can you guess who just got a new tat…….  Can you guess what the new tat means?………………………….

I am totally feeling this new tattoo!! However, did Chris have to have one sleeve full of tats going down his whole arm?! I tell you thank God he’s in the line of work he is in because that is just beyond unprofessional. I’m tired of seeing people and youngsters walking around with so much tattoos on their body and face!!! So, I got the thinking do I really need another tattoo and why do I need another one….. The verdict is still out but for now I guess I will check a couple tat places out and see if I will take that JOurneY anytime soon. I will keep you guys posted if I do and if I don’t because I never want to look like…..

Lil Wayne

The Game 

Mike Tyson

It’s just taking it to the extreme!! I especially hate seeing females wearing tats in unfeminine locations on there body!!! Parents need to really take the time to explain to their children and friends talk to your friends the importance of how you choose to express yourself and where the tats are located! Yes, its your body and one is entitle to self-expression but remember every decision their is a price to pay for it which = CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

What a Butt Head!!! LOL

THE ANSWER IS…………. Teary Eye Brown got a new tat


Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

5 Responses to “All Inked Up!”
  1. ericloiselle says:

    As a “tattoo purist” I am annoyed by the first picture you have up. Whoever created it, using those words, has no clue about the history of tattooing. Yes tattoos have become more frequent and there are even a few trends with some specifics, but tattoos have existed for thousands of years. In fact, the Bible even talks about how people shouldn’t get them. So the idea that tattoos are generational is absurd.

    I do agree with your expressive idea about tattoos. They should show a part of who you are, and they should be 100% personal. Not some lame drawing picked off a wall, or a tattoo based of something someone famous got. People need to wise up when it comes to tattoos.

    • Hello and thank you for your feedback Ericloiselle because you do raise some good points. However, I can’t speak for the person who did the picture and why he/she choose to label it Tattoo Generation. However, I liked the picture because the young lady have a lot of tattoos on her which speaks to the point I was making above and I think as time progresses within generations tattoos have lost its essences! People are tattooing their body and face with trash which takes the beauty and art away from tattoos so this is why I do think tattoos have generation trends just like fashion. So, I think the person was referring to the changes within generations when it comes to tattoos. But I can be wrong but that is what I took and wanted to display with the picture.

  2. Hashley says:

    It was a good read. You’ve pointed out some stuff but the fact remains that nowadays since it is more trendy to get a tat, the new generation seems to think of them as more of an accesory than a permanent body mark. N they also feel like if I don’t get it somewhere people can see, what’s the point? Just like all other trend however, this 2 shall pass n when it does, I can just imagine the long line of 40 something with countless tats that they regret! Matterfact tattoo removal will 2 be @ an all time hight in the near future! Lol

    • I totally agree with you Hashley because I already know two people who got their tats removed and they are in their 30’s!! They regretted their tat and now that they are mature, they have a better understanding of the choices they made wasn’t wise 4 the image they want to display about themselves. Thanks for your comment because you made some valid points!!

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