Is Your Style of Communication Excuses!!

Hello Sweetea,

Communication is one of the key elements in any form of any relationship. Communication is a process of giving and receiving feedback be it good or bad and it’s an essential part of all social interactions. We all use some form of communication, even animals. Be it in a marriage, friendship, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. However, is you form of communicating effective?

One must really learn how to improve their communication skills especially if you are trying to build a long lasting friendship. Every good relationship should aim to establish a friendship! That means in any relationship that you form with someone you have to establish a friendship in order to better know the person and understand the person!

Communication is a verb because it requires you to work at it and put it into action in order for it to work. I have always been a firm believer of speaking my mind and expressing how I feel about someone or something in a respectable time frame and matter! I’m still a student and will continue to be a student when it comes to communication. But I think we all will remain a student to communication period!

However, others like to let things build up instead of talking which result them exploding and blowing up about their hurt and pains! To me that’s just not the way to handle a situation. Also how does one expect the other to explain themselves or have a fair discussion on the matter when the other party totally forgot about the topic of discussion! If you really want to fix a problem you don’t let it build up because it only makes a minor issue into a bigger issue. For example, it’s like a garbage can. All garbage can has a limited amount of junk it can take in at one time. Now if you allow it to overflow naturally what’s going to happen? Duh, it’s going to spill all over the floor and that causes more of a mess to clean up so to avoid that what should one do… Do what’s right and don’t let time be the enemy between your relationships because time only builds up hated, anonymous, annoyance and frustration against the clueless person who don’t know you have that pinned up angry against them.

Not only don’t let time come in between your relationship but don’t let text messages and e-mails be your form of communication. Charles Dickens best said it, “Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.” Matters of the heart are inappropriate to discuss via e-mail, text messages, BBM, Aim, social media, etc. It kills me when someone has an issue and they decide to address it via a long text message or any form of communication I listed above. I find it to be impersonal and not the appropriate or the best way to handle a situation. If you have a problem with someone it is best to have a face to face or call them or have a nice chat to express yourself in a respectable and reasonable matter. If you want someone to remain in your life then you’ll have to show them that they are important to you. That means making the time to reach out and touch the person. No inscrutable e-mails, or text messages weeks and months later in between contacts do you want to express yourself.


Yes, I know, you’re busy and I am too did you forget or is your style of communication excuses that I shouldn’t really entertain. Or did your actions prove you make time for what is really important to you and you expect the other person to be a willing party to participate because you are now ready!! So, let’s get this right, now that you made this or me an obligation should I now too when I moved passed it and forgotten about it…

Seriously, if you like a person, take the time to get to know them and what style of communication works for them! People stop treating everyone the same and respect your relationship with the people you claim you care, like and love! You have to step it up because busy is an easy and lame excuse.

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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