Dress 4 Less: Young Jeezy ~ “All White Everything

Hello Sweetea,

On Monday, I shared with you Young Jeezy new song and video and I mentioned I LOVE to see a brother looking so fresh and so clean in his all whites!! Well, for Flawless Friday I was inspired to share how a man can put Jay’s look for Dress 4 Less!!

Dress like the Stars 4 Less


Nothing look better than a man looking so Fresh and so Clean in his White tee!!! Dress 4 Less in your All White Everything!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V
7 Responses to “Dress 4 Less: Young Jeezy ~ “All White Everything”
  1. qsbygvc says:

    You know how to dress your men! I like that!

  2. LOL, Thanks so much!!! ;O)

  3. woodie says:

    Can I be ya man dressed in all white 4 ya………..

  4. Jerry says:

    Can you be my stylist sexy? I Love your style and your very cute too!!

  5. Mike says:

    you are so pretty and smart! any man should be lucky to have you especailly you know good taste!!

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