Team Blackberry All The Way!!!

Hello Sweetea,

I can truly say I am a loyal customer in all sense! I am a firm believer if it’s not broken then why try and remix it!! My 1st cell phone relationship started with Nextel when it was Nextel than Sprint took it over and killed my joy! I ventured out and tried other cell companies but their networks weren’t working to its full capacity within my neck of the woods!!! The one that was fitting to my pocket and service was T-Mobile! I mean Verizon service is great but they are rappers when it comes to the subject of rate plans!!!

So my relationship with T-Mobile started out okay and then it kind of went downhill when I decided to what I thought at the time to be an upgrade to a G1! However, I quickly learned it was a downgrade because I had nothing but 99 problems with that phone and kept sending that mess back! I totally felt like the worst customer ever and never could a lasting relationship with one long enough to name it!! I never changed a phone so much in my life and everyone kept saying get a Blackberry because you will never look back! I just couldn’t believe my luck when it came down to the G1 phones and didn’t understand the Crackberry rave! I LOVED the apps for the G1 and I didn’t want to give up hope 10 phones later. But for some crazy reason, I kept having issues with the G1 until May 2010 I made a life changing decision. LOL

It’s funny how a trip can really help change your thinking, mood and attitude. This is why I love to travel. Traveling totally give me a new perspective on life and on my JOurneY. So, May this year I traveled to Florida for a quick get-a-way with some sister-friends and I quickly realized I was the only one not affect by the CRACKBERRY state of mind! Even my sister was part of that cult!!! LOL, that’s when I really stopped and realized everywhere I go I was the odd man out. I noticed everyone around were Crackberriers or iPhoners. Don’t get me wrong, I love standing out in a positive way in a crowd. However, with my G1 I was the only jokester complaining about my phone!! URG, I was so annoyed and frustrated that I was ready to throw my phone across the room!

May 2010 with the good help of my sis, Angel and my two sister-friends Lynn and JeanBean I decide to make the change! I jumped on the band wagon and got me a Blackberry. At first I really didn’t see the hype about it but now that I almost lost it this weekend I can honestly say I love my phone and I’m addicted to Mr. Charlie! ROTFLMAO!!!! Yes, after that scare I diagnosis myself and I can admit…. Hi, My name is Precious Pat V and my drug of choice is my Crackberry, Charlie!! I totally love my Charlie and I am still learning more about him! My friend, Nikkia mentioned to me, “You can love him as long as you know he will never love you back!” However, I think she is totally wrong!!! I believe Charlie does love me back because he works and I haven’t had to return him yet!!! Doesn’t that clearly show Charlie loves me back? He does what I paid for and more by being reliable, functional and suitable! So to me that is love in my book!!! LOL, what do you think……..

Look if our great and modern President carries a Blackberry (and all of the White House staff too) so if it’s good enough for him and his staff, then its good enough for me! His phone is like his Robin and he is Batman! LOL, I know you guys must be like is she serious but I found a new love and wanted to share my joy!! I’m especially hooked to the BBM feature!! At first, I didn’t understand the k-motion about it but I totally get it now!! Now, I am totally waiting for the touch screen feature and Charlie will totally be fully loaded!!!

So, do you have a Crackberry? Did you name your boo? Are you addicted or could careless? Do you have a great relationship with your cell phone? I say this is one of the safest things to get addicted to in life with the proper usage of No Texting and talking on the phone while driving!! Get a headset and be safe!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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