Hello Sweetea,

Yes, we got pass Monday and my heart is at peace because I found my Charlie (my Blackberry) and I am clear with my choices so back to the regular schedule program here at the D-Community! I know on Mondays, I usually share a new song so today I will share a song that was dedicated to me and I am feeling it. This song comes with a story behind it and since I care I will share it. LOL

So, this weekend was full of events, fun and misunderstands but hey thats part of life because the test of any relationship/friendship is getting past the humps and bumps along the way since we are all work in progress!! However, we must learn to forgive all those that wrong us in order to find inner peace but that doesn’t mean to forget and start back where you left off. Some think it should be that simple but I say play it safe and draw new boundaries because you need to access is that kind of energy you need in your life!!

It’s easy to drop the new and go back to the old since you think you know what to expect from the old. But the old is no longer the old because time has past so just like it’s going take time to know the new is the same attitude you should feel about the old. It’s just like they say in the Sci-fi movies, if you go back in time and change anything it will change the outcome of the future! Same rules apply for the novel you are writing into existence!

I firmly believe if you  really want to be friends with someone you have to take them for the good, bad, fun and misunderstandings! As I get older, I come to learn quality is better than quantity!! Also, I observe what a person do and what they say to see if he/she are true to their living and to weight in if the friendship/relationship is worth keeping or deleting!! ! Like Salt-n-Pepe said in their song “I don’t have time for silly games this isn’t the reason why I came!”

So, one of my ex is trying to make a come back in my novel. When I was in a dark place, I thought of some cruel things to do to him and revenge was the answer! However, with prayers and love ones I was able to get pass the BS! Sometimes I wish I could turn the hands of time and erase the mess that he created within the pages in my book. At times I think ripping the pages would of deleted some of the good times and some of the great characters I meet along the way which would make the final print in my book boring! However, I’m past that chapter and moved on so why is he trying to make a come back?!

When it comes to the matter of the heart be careful who you let back in again because some exes are meant to be left in the past without a move forward card!! Only if he/she is worth it I say communicate what are your boundaries, limitations and stimulations for the relationship/friendship before moving on. Don’t fall victim a 2nd time and feel guilty because you feel you quit when it was getting tough! Remember if you are putting 100 and the other person isn’t then it isn’t worth it! Now that he or she realized ALL I WANT IS YOU can be just too late!!! But if you do try to work it out again go in with the right mindset! As for me all I can say to him is thanks for this new track, remembering I love music and songs do say a lot when you can’t say it for yourself!! However, I am totally feeling this new track but not my ex making a come back in my novel so that that chapter is over for me!! Not to be mean but rock on and rock off baby boy!!

Let’s rock D-Community to Miguel Jontel, a new and fresh face to RandB and the rapper is RocNation’s very own J. Cole. Both of these dudes sound good and I look forward to  listening to more of their tracks. Miguel has a Hot Song, Voice and he is Sexxy to the eyes!!

Click to listen:


Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

2 Responses to “♫ NEW MUSIC: MIGUEL JONTEL ft J. COLE – “ALL I WANT IS YOU” Video ♫”
  1. hixdow says:

    Thanks for sharing and I like your website! This dude is good.

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