Hello Sweetea,

Today, I celebrate my older brother’s birthday! He would have been 33 years old. The same age Jesus passed away! However, he is no longer with us and he is buried in Florida so I am extremely sad I will not be able to visit him and be with him on his birthday!! However, that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate his life and the memories I have of him!! I love him dearly and I know he is in a better place being guided by my aunt who passed away from Cancer and our Holy Father!! I dedicated Goon too Soon to my loving brother and I miss him so very much!! Never forgotten and always in our hearts and minds!! Life is precious so always strive to live a full and Divine life Divas and Divos!!

It was only fitting to pick this video with my favorite male RandB Divo singer Usher who did a beautiful performance at another favorite and great King of Pop Michael Jackson’s memorial service on 07/07/09.

I also picked this song “Will You be There” because Diva Jennifer Hudson’s performance was flawless while she was dealing with the loss of her own family members and the powerful message!! The memories of my brother I’ll never let part because he will always be in my heart and mind!! Cherish life and the people around you because you never know when they will be taken away from you! Embrace death and celebrate your love ones!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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