♫ NEW MUSIC: Wyclef Jean – “Haitian By Association” – Song ♫

Hello Sweetea,

I know this week I have been giving you a lot of music to entertain yourself with but I can’t help it if I’m a music lover and so was my brother. To celebrate my brother’s love for music I’m sharing a lot of tunes be it new or old music always have a way of making things better!!!

Wyclef dropped a new song Haitian By Association and I can’t wait to see the video for this song. Wyclef is known to have the utmost pride and respect for his Haitian heritage, so it was only fitting that he made this new track to shout out those that embrace Haitians. Also, I am paying close attention to his campaign! So far he is talking a good game but his finances are needing special attention so Wyclef let’s clean up house!!

Check out his new song…………..

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

One Response to “♫ NEW MUSIC: Wyclef Jean – “Haitian By Association” – Song ♫”
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