Fantasia putting the focus “Back To Me” On GMA

Hello Sweetea,

Singer Fantasia Barrino, first live interview with Robin Roberts on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ to discuss her attempted suicide bid, the circumstances surrounding it and her new album, “Back to Me” out in stores today! The title of the CD is great for Fantasia more then ever! I pray she does focus on taking it Back to Me in order for her to be there for her daughter.

The 26-year-old, Fantasia that won over our hearts on American Idol keeps it 100 with Robin on ABC’s Good Morning America. She basically put it all out there that she was overwhelmed and stressed. Fantasia admitted she wanted the easy way out by trying to take her own life. After watching her this morning, I couldn’t help but to cry because this is a story we hear all to often! Somehow, people, teenagers and children really believe that the rich and famous don’t have stress and frustration in their lives. This is proof to all of us out there “Money can’t buy you LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH or HAPPINESS!! We are all human and we all have different issues that will break us down and make us want to give up middle of the rat race!

One must keep finding the JOY and STRENGTH to keep pushing and fighting to get to the top within your JOurney! When its not your time to go, God will keep you where you need to be and aid you to get through it all some how!! I pray for Fantasia and can relate to her story! I’m happy she is seeing a life coach/counselor so she can deal with all the pain and stress she have in her life instead of trying to take her life! Also, having someone she can just talk to! We all need people we can trust to respect and love us without judgement no matter what! Ending your life may stop your pain but doesn’t solve the issues you leave behind. We all need to find healthy outlets and not result to making unstable and destructive decisions in our life.

As I get older, I am truly learning Life wasn’t meant to be easy and fun nor hard and boring. Life is all about the lessons that we learn from the choices we make to better ourselves that aid us to grow and mature! We tend to chase after happiness and money but the true payoff is finding joy in everything you do and everywhere you go because its an equal playing field of good/bad, happy/sad, heaven/hell, rich/poor, healthy/unhealthy, etc, etc! Hopefully you get my point and always remember to find the JOY in your JOurneY Divas and Divos!!!

Click on me to see Fantasia on GMA

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

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