Wyclef Jean is Fighting Back!

Hello Sweetea,

In the mist of my stress in the thunder storm Sunday night, I so needed some distraction and started messing with my twitter account! To my much need for something to cheer me up I saw this feed from Hip-hop/rapper Wyclef Jean:

“Tomorrow our Lawyers are appealing the decision of the CEP. We have met all the requirements set by the laws. And the law must be Respected.”

The electoral commission announced on Friday, August 20th that Mr. Jean and 15 other candidacies were rejected from the original pool of 34. Wyclef Jean was suppose to be in NJ this weekend but had a change of heart after hearing his bad news. His isn’t taking this laying down and he is fighting back by appealing the national electoral dispute office. However, Haitian Kompa singer Sweet Micky made the list and officially announced retiring from his band.

Mr. Jean isn’t taking this laying down and he is fighting back by appealing the national electoral dispute office. Wyclef refuses to take no for an answer without just cause. Jean has informed the people and the press he is not abandoning his presidential bid and he will fight to get the courts of Haiti to overturn an unfair decision disqualifying him from the race. Wyclef claims he has a document that proves everything is correct and he was given permission by President Rene Preval after being appointed as an ambassador in 2007, he can travel and live outside of Haiti. The hip-hop artist feels this is once again Haitian politics being mistreated and abused because they are trying to keep him out of the race. Wyclef may have a point because of his star power this has brought an international spotlight to the Nov. 28 election and vote. If I was trying to keep to the same trash of politicians in office to keep robbing and stealing from the people and country why would I want a public figure to bring so much attention to the trash that happens in the capital!!

According to the news, newspapers and conversations I’ve had this weekend, Haiti’s election board rejected Wyclef’s candidacy Friday presumably because they felt he didn’t meet the residency requirements. However, the board never gave a clear answer or any specific reason why Wyclef didn’t make the cut. Under Haiti’s law, a presidential candidate must have lived in the country for five consecutive years leading up to the election. In which Wyclef feels he should be given a pass because he is an ambassador to his native country. In a sense that is very true!

Many of Wycle’s fans and supporters from his hometown of Croix des Bouquets (a suburb of the capital, Port-au-Prince, Haiti) looked ready for war and cheered for Jean on Friday!! I was totally surprised riots and fights didn’t break out. Somehow, Wyclef motivated his fans and supporters to remain cool and calm after hearing he was rejected from the presidential candidacy. During the weekend Haiti and Wyclef remained in a subdue and peaceful state. However, we don’t know how long that will last and what’s to happen now! I think everyone should be given a fair chance and see what the outcome. Stay tune because this election is very important to all Haitians and those who want to see Haiti reconstruct and rebuild lives for the estimated 1.5 million people that were left homeless and defenseless after the earthquake. I am sure there is more to follow with this story and it’s got my full attention!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V


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