♫ NEW MUSIC: Mario perform “Thinkin’ About You” at SummerStage ♫

Hello Sweetea,

Summer Sun, belly tops,  toes done, flip flops, Lemonade in the shade, Blue skies, hot guys, Late night water fights, Ice creams, sweet dreams, Bathing suits, shooting hoops, Party time, schools out, Sleeping in, sneaking out, Dang Man Summer is really coming to an end… All I can do is think about you holding me tight and keeping me wet and moist for the last 3 months! Why do it all have to come to an end?

Sexy Mario at SummerStage

What a fun and wild weekend being a Cheap Chic living in the Big City!! I am sadly writing and accepting that SUMMER is coming to an END!! I’m totally not ready for the summer to come to an end which I am hoping it can stay a little while longer because I would love to see if this chemistry we have can last a little longer!! I want you to pull me in closer so I can enjoy the moist and heat you bring when you raise in the morning. The glow and happiness that pulls me in have me thinking about you all night when the summer breeze touches my golden brown skin. You really have me thinking about you all night but I know it has to come to an end and it can’t last but for 3 months at a time! However, its time to get ready for my weekend love afraid with Labor Day! Time really flies when your having fun and enjoying yourself!! So for Monday Music Madness I pick Mario song Thinkin’ about you!

Mario did a very good job and it’s sad he really don’t get the love he deserve!! Mario keep doing what you do because I see you and I’m rocking with you!!

Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V


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