Harlem Day- Salute to the Children of Haiti

Hello Sweetea,

I truly love the summer time because this is when I truly come out of hibernation and it allows me to be a Cheap Chic in the City allowing the wind to guide my fun and adventures that await me. I have learned in order for me to live a divine life I can’t always wait on others in order to have fun in the sun. Sometimes you just have to go and don’t be afraid to go enjoy your own company and meet new people while experiencing life. I know people who haven’t been able to explore the joy of being their own BFF! Like going to the movies, taking a trip, go out to dinner, go party, etc. by themselves. Yes, I said it.. DO IT BY YOURSELF!! Get to know who you are!! When I tell people I have done all the above and more solo they give me this baffling and bizarre look but I say go out and be free!! Know how to be with you in order to teach others how to enjoy your company and love!!!

On Sunday, August 25th, I attended Harlem day and can I tell you I had a great time at this day long extravaganza of events before the rain started pouring down on us! They had 2 stages with Hot 97 on one end and Hot 98 on the other with live entertainment and performances until about 7pm. This event was plenty of fun, fashion, food, entrainment and much, much more!!! God works and he truly knows what he is doing even when you’re not sure what to expect!

On a Grind!!!

This was my 1st Harlem Day and it must have been meant for me to be there! Harlem Day was focus on health and as you all know I am focus on living a Fab-n-Fit lifestyle. Also, I am honored to be Co-Chair for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc Queens Alumnae Chapter Health Task Committee in which one of my duties is to plan a health fair. So you know a sister was on a grind asking questions and networking her butt off. Never be too proud to ask questions in order to get answers!! I totally learned a lot and had plenty of fun in the sun! Work hard and Play harder!! You live one life so make it a Divine Life!! I met so much great people and I can’t wait and I will be sure to invite you all out to our health fair! Maybe an interview a two with a couple of the Divas and Divos I met so

Besides the rain cutting my time short, my camera battery died on me so I was totally bum I couldn’t take as much pictures as I wanted to especially with the Salute to the children of Haiti that was so touching. It’s good to see Haiti hasn’t been forgotten! Christian Cultural Center Youth Choir, C3 performed and brought tears to my eyes. Also, the Antique Car Show competition was amazing! They had some really classical and cute cars out there! I love cars but hate to drive, LOL but I am grateful to have a car since I’m allergic to public transportation! :o)  Anyhow, I wonder which car took home the grand prize …..

I was only able to get a pic of the Red and White car!! LOL

Here are the rest of the pictures I did manage to get….

Congressman Charles Ranger

LOL!!! Congressman Charles Ranger entourage of 10

Diva Fatima Samad

Design By U Jewelry - Very beautiful and colorful pieces! I have to add some to my collection!

Posing w/designer Fatima Samad

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics Divas

Great make-up colors to make you shine like a Star!! I have to add some to my collection!

Posing w/the Divas and love their t-shirts!! I want one :o)

Diva Charlene from Michelle New York

Posing w/Charlene and her beautiful dress!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

4 Responses to “Harlem Day- Salute to the Children of Haiti”
  1. hank says:

    You be moving and getting the scoops!!! I like you and what you do!! I hope these people that you’re highlighting on your website understand you are making them stand-out and opening a market for them to be seen and market!!! I hope they are giving you something or anything in return!! I’m just saying…… Keep doing what you do

    • Welcome and thank you so much for the kind words but its sad but a lot of people don’t understand the very simple concept you have mentioned! No I haven’t received anything which would be nice but I do it with the Goodness of my heart. However at times it would be nice 4 a little something something but its all good. God will give me a bigger reward! Hank some of these people don’t even write a comment under the piece to say thank you nor-less share the piece so why would I expect anything bigger if most can’t do the little things?! LOL

  2. Kathy says:

    I totally agree with Hank!! Have you received any gifts, rewards, free anything? Because if I was you I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t getting anything from these people that don’t appreciate or aren’t even graceful you blessed them with putting their picture and business up!!!

    • Hey Kathy!
      No I haven’t received anything which would be nice but I do it with the Goodness of my heart because if you do things expect anything in return life would would be very sad! I don’t go into anything expecting anything in return from people! Putting expectations on people will only result in heartbreak so I rather not deal with it!! Thank you Kathy for your kind words!! 😮

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