Wyclef Jean Shares Some of his Ideas for Haiti

Hello Sweetea,

My mom and I was having a conversation about Hip Hop/rapper Wyclef running for president and not making the list for the run of being Haiti’s next president. My mom was so kind enough to send me this video so I am sharing it with you guys…. Too bad he didn’t make the list so I guess he will have to share his ideas with the person that does win if he really want to see Haiti grow and rebuild!! However, Sweet Micky made the list! But Wyclef isn’t giving up the fight just yet!

What I don know is Haiti don’t need a show man and I wounder if Sweet Micky is the right man for the job!? Haiti needs someone who isn’t going to be afraid to do the work, enforce some rules, and don’t be selfish by stealing from the people and the country!! Keep praying and donating because Haiti still needs it!!!

Speaking and hearing some of the older Haitians speaking Wyclef is getting some cool points because he want to change Haiti’s constitution to allow dual citizenship and give Haitians living abroad their right to vote and have a voice within their motherland. I know a lot of Haitians had a hard time giving up their citizenship when leaving Haiti and some still haven’t given up hope that one day dual citizenship can happen. So who ever win the election should consider dual citizenship. We will stay tune to see who will be sitting in Haiti’s Capitol and if Wyclef is going to be helping or backing out of Haiti’s cry for Help and Hope!!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

2 Responses to “Wyclef Jean Shares Some of his Ideas for Haiti”
  1. jim says:

    this is awesome man

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