What Chilli Wants

Hello Sweetea,

Reality TV dating shows…… I have to stop and really think about these let’s find Mr. Right and Mrs. Right shows on national TV so I can make a fool out of myself and the individuals that sign-up pretending to be so in love with me!! Really, are you serious? Who  are they fooling… These people are in love with your stardom and searching to be the next hit like Kim Kardashian for sleeping with someone famous! Come on people call it as you see it because I am really tired of these reality TV shows trying to portray what isn’t reality to us everyday Divas and Divos!! In matter of fact dating is like a reality TV show just plain old FAKE!!!!

I really thought when these individuals (the bachelor, the bachelorette, the bachelor pad) and celebrities (Chilli, Ray J, Flavor of Love, Chad Ochocinco, ect.) picked the last person standing there with a rose or a ring (LOL) they would ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. I really thought these newly found couples would go out and have a normal relationship. However when I see these celebrities have season two, three, four, ect. I really start to question the nonsense  that is going on with these reality TV dating shows just to make paper$! I am really shock that Chilli would be doing another season but Black Women Magazine have the new promo pictures so I stand corrected. However, Chill looks really good! I posted the pictures for your viewing…..

To think Chilli had a list or requirements and she failed to put “Don’t do no more than one season!!” What Chilli Wants return to tv this November. For season two, I would of much rather see her developing and growing her relationship with the new dude and her family. Not her trying to find a NEW man!! Chilli need to get back with My Boo Usher and call it a day because I did like them together since I can’t have him (ROTFLMBO). OMG, I like Chilli and all but this isn’t a cool move on her part at all for me. I really see her in a different light now! Chilli should be like Pepe, air one season and go have fun with your new sweetea especially because her son was involved in the show too!!!!

However, my opinion doesn’t matter because people have to find a legal hustle to chase that ca$h! I’m not mad at that but don’t call it reality TV that’s all I’m saying!! Anyhow, here are Chilli’s new Divine photos for the promotional campaign for the next season of What Chilli Wants in  Black Woman MagazineChilli looks flawless and sexy in her black mini dress!! She is working it!! By the way, NICKI MINAJ made it to the cover.

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

4 Responses to “What Chilli Wants”
  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for the post!! I totally agree with you! The dating shows on TV now are just plain oh SILLY and FAKE just like DATING out here!! Society keep asking why are there so many professional Black female singles…. Well it’s because men are afraid of commitment and they want to run around poking every women that allows them to!! I’m really trying not to be an angry Black woman but I’m just about tired of the BS out here with dating and trying to find a suitable mate to start the next chapter in my life! I’m 34 and I’m losing the battle! Sorry for venting but thank you for sharing because I have been reading and keeping silent but had to share with you that your pieces has been helpful to me!! Despite the lack of feedback Keep on writing because like I said your thoughts & writing are informative, inspiring and interesting to me. I guess I made up for the times I haven’t given my comments!

    • Kathy don’t allow anyone to change who you are especially to become an angry Black woman! Stay strong and have faith the Lord will work in your favor! Try to remember a lot of families have been raised without a father in the household so a lot of men never had someone teach them how to be a man to a woman. I totally agree finding a mate isn’t easy but enjoy the time going out and enjoying life because you never know when he will show up. There are ladies that have been Blessed to have a child pass 40 so there is still hope but keep praying and having faith Diva!!! I will pray for you and God do answer prayers!! Also, thank you so much for putting a smile on my face and I do love feedbacks so keep coming back and share with your friends and family!

  2. A F says:

    duuuuuuude, wassssssup date me!!!!

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