Happy Labor Day and Enjoy the Parade!!

Hello Sweetea,

The WEST INDIAN AMERICAN DAY CARNIVAL ASSOCIATION, INC. Celebrates its 43rd Annual West Indian Carnival/Festival Monday, September 6th, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY! Brooklyn where you at stand-up!!! Labor Day marks the official day that fun in the sun is over and its back to the regular schedule program. For some that means back to work, school or/and both. Working long days and heading to school in the cold and dark nights. I hate it!!

This year it was predicted our weekend was going to be ruined with a thunder storm but we have been Blessed with Sunny Skies so far. Hopefully the weather will remain the same for Monday. Regardless, rain or shine that have never stop the Caribbean people from going out and displaying their love for their country so keep praying no rain and nothing but sunshine on Monday.

2009 Labor Day

If you are visiting New York during Labor weekend or never attended the parade….. It is such a beautiful event to attend and a must do! You can start it off tonight with J’ouvent which is the start of all the festivities. Some throw baby powder or mud on their face and party all night long! While some just hang around and just party without sleep and head straight to Eastern Parkway for the parade. If you see them don’t be scare just understand they are walking zombies who haven’t slept for the last 3 or 4 days partying, smoking, drinking and getting ready to end the summer fun in the sun!

Partying from Sunday to Monday Labor Day Truck

It’s a joy to see the pride the crowd has for their country, the unique outfits, Mas and of course the Masqueraders! I know some of you must be asking yourself what is Mas…. Well, Mas is the costumes worn by the masqueraders/dancers in the Caribbean Festival. If you’re adventurous and love to dance… add Play Mas to your Bucket list! Play Mas means dancing in the streets in costume with a desired band or float. If there was an organized Haitian Mas Camp in New York, I would so sign-up to be a masquerader to wine up my waist at Labor Day Parade but there isn’t. However, that didn’t stop me from Playing Mas at Florida’s October Carnival/Festival last year. Yes, that is one less thing on my Bucket list to do and I had a blast with Ti ChapoTi Chapo is a masquerade group who participates in the Miami/Broward Carnival every October so check them out and join them. Trust me it was a totally workout, a stress reliever to just let go without the care of what anyone have to say and to have fun in my costume with family and friends!

The Lion Sistas

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and Labor Day Parade was a day of fun in the sun with family, friends, and fellowshipping with other Caribbean and Non-Caribbean people, jumping-up, dancing, playing music and displaying their love, art, fashion and Caribbean culture. According to Mayor Rudy Giuliani, “Labor Day Carnival Parade has grown over the years from thousands of participants and tourists to over 3.5 million people in attendance.”  Honestly, I don’t doubt that for one bit because it be jam pack on Eastern Parkway! So, be safe and have fun jumping up, wining, repping your flag(s), country and peoples!!!  All my Caribbean People stand-up and jump!!!

Some of my 2009 Labor Day Pictures:

2009 Labor Day

Shaggy on the Haitian Float! Djakout's Float was Popping!!

Haitian Pride

We had a Blast on Djakout's Float

Djakout's Float

Pride at its Best!

Elephant Man, Shaggy n Djakout all on the same Float making the crowd go Bonkers for Coca Puff!! Best of Both World!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

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