Remembering 9/11 focusing on living a Divine, Balanced & Purposeful Life!

Hello Sweetea,

Today, I would like to take the time to send out my prayers and remember those that died on September 11th, 2001 and those that lost love ones in the Twin Towers! I feel like it was just yesterday I graduated undergrad and I was enjoying every moment of becoming a Delta, finishing school and traveling my behind off. I had always wanted to finish school and travel the world. I saved up money and did a couple of traveling. I applied to a lot of airline companies praying to get a job in the human resources department so I can earn an income and have the perks to travel for free. Well, just before the summer was coming to an end I received a phone call from a company that specialized in human resources and it required a lot of traveling. I was super excited and couldn’t wait for the interview date Monday, September 10th at 9 am. However that Friday I received a phone call from a staff member asking me can they reschedule me for Tuesday, September 11th, 2010 at 9 AM. I knew that Monday night I had plans and decided since they remixed it on me I have the opportunity to do the same too and asked what the time slot options to reschedule the interview. The sweet young lady mentioned we have a 10 AM, 11 AM and a 2 PM opening. I knew I really wanted the job but I rather be the last interviewee because I learned saving the best for last people remember you more and you stand out the most because people’s memories always remember more from the most recent activity! So, I jumped on the 2 PM slot and was happy because I still get to party Monday night at Bouyon Night and still wake-up in the morning and head out to the City to rock my interview!

Naturally, I thanked the Lord for allowing me the Blessing to be able to type this here for you today. While lying in my bed KO, I was quickly awakened by my dad and non-stopped phone calls. I was totally lost and just didn’t know why I was so popular the morning of September 11th, 2001. After my dad hugged me and mentioned I’m happy you’re safe that’s when I came to find out what happened to the Twin Towers. I was in totally amazement and extremely sad. I cried my heart and soul out. I just couldn’t believed how quickly the year that was full of happy endings and new beginnings could of come to an end if I had scheduled an earlier interview! Thank God I listened to the inner voice inside me and choose to be last! This is one of the times being last paid-off. From that point on I really reflected and decided to live a purposeful and divine life catered and tailored for me and not for anyone else!

Do you live a divine and a purposeful life catered and tailored to you? Some people may think I’m referring to their career… Because some follow their career paths and spend decades working without every asking themselves, “is this truly what makes me the happiest and my calling?” “Is this how I can best change the world and make it a little bit better?” Is this what I dreamed of doing when I was a little kid?” “Does this fulfill my purpose in life?” A lot of times people know the answer but tend to ignore it and just keep on living but not living a divine and purposeful life! Can I tell you in 2005 God Blessed me with an office manager position at Delta Airlines based out of JFK when I wasn’t even looking for a job at the time. They found my resume in their database dating back to 2001. God has it planned out for us, all we have to do is talk to him through prayers and do what we can control. I tell you the blessings come when you least expect it.

A famous church I visited in Germany.

I was told one of the reasons the church is famous for is the music instruments you see behind me!

However, life isn’t just about what you do but enjoying life all around you. A lot of times people know the answer but tend to ignore it and just keep on living but not living a divine and purposeful life! I noticed when I travel and meet people they truly understand living a Divine and Purposeful life! They find what is their passion and find a way to make an income from it because one lady told me in Germany “I quit my job and decided to make a career out of wine tasting because I spend so much money on drinking wine after leaving work feeling stressful everyday so it only made sense for me to make money on what I spend my money on most!” I totally agreed with her and after enjoying my wine tasting party and really talking to her I totally felt good that I was living the same mission. Because I know everything God created was made special with purpose including you so why not live life with a balance!

Wine tasting in Frankfurt, Germany with some friends I made there! 4 out of 5 were unemployed but they disclosed being happy & living a purposeful life!

We spend majority of our day at work being stressed and unhappy! Why not find what is your divine purpose and passion in life than dedicate time to build on it while working your 9 to 5 (more like 8 because after 5 is when work really happens!).  We are living in a society where we are not secure of our ins and our outs so do you want to fully live or just live… Are you living a well planned life or a Balance Life? Life isn’t a project to be completed; it is an unknowable landscape to be created and explored like God created us and the earth. Life is like art; you can make it black or white or add color to it. It can be a painting, a canvas, sculpture, sand, music, dance, ect. Whatever you want it to be you can create the life you want and enjoying the remixes that come along the way. Being in my thirty’s I am truly learning you can have a Well-Planned Life or a Well-Balanced life because a plan doesn’t mean it’s going to go according to how you map it out. Always allow room for remixes because it let you focus on living, learning and understand your greater purpose.Life is better lived when you enJOY the JOuneY and not when you reach the finish line because it will be too late to leave memorable footprints behind.


Remember in life there comes a point where one must understand their purpose and blessings in life in order to live a well-balanced, happy and meaningful life. Cherish and live life and don’t let life out live you because you never know when your finish line is going to come to an end!

Sashaying Off,

Precious Pat V

3 Responses to “Remembering 9/11 focusing on living a Divine, Balanced & Purposeful Life!”
  1. Kate says:

    You are deep and thanks for helping to understand it’s okay to focus on me and not what people want of me!!

    • Thank you and you are very welcome. I pray you are able to find your purpose without the pressure of what others will think! You live one life to fully live it for you! God Bless & Good Luck

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