Hello Sweetea,

Yes, its Wild, Wacky and Tacky Wednesday!  So, I had to delete a lot of the pictures I took of Fashion Murders because I needed to make room for other important pictures but I saved these 3 just for you….. I want to express to females out there when going to a women’s event please put clothes on!! It’s a women’s event for crying out loud not the club and have the common sense to wear a “BODY SHARPER” because the rolls are out of control!!! Don’t be fool just because you have a flat belly doesn’t mean that you don’t have out of control donut rolls! It’s call BACK FAT!! I hate them but we have to check and shape them in a Body Sharper, Spanx, or Body Magic! Which every is your fancy make it happen!! In matter of fact I’m in need of a new and improve one… Any suggestions of a good one please do tell!!

Okay someone need to put her onto a Body Shaper and why so tight and short at a women's event? Confuse face?

Now, this dude had to be HOT in those leather or pleater pants on!! I know the weather has been out of wack but Saturday was pretty sunny and cool in the City! He was in a class all by himself for the day with his baby hairs slick down his forehead! You just had to be there or just watch the video I have of him dancing and you will totally understand why he stands alone in a crowded room!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

If you saw the video I posted on Monday you clearly known who this is!! LOL, Great Balls of Fire!!!!!!!!!!!

To my very coordinated lady in blue! She was so coordinated that she match the bracelet that was given out by My Black is Beautiful staff! LOL, that is too funny check her waist on you will see what I am talking about. Why are grown women still trying to hold on to their baby hairs! I remember when I was little my mother use to slick down my baby hairs! Every time I think that isn’t cool, I get a quick remind others are still doing. I guess Ms. Lady in Blue thought it was Hot! NOT

Her hair was nicely braided but can I say she know how to coordinate her Blues! LOL

Her hair was nicely braided but can I say she know how to coordinate her Blues! LOL

Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V
  1. Croatia says:

    This is the 2nd occasion I have come across your blog post in the last couple weeks. Seems like I ought to take note of it.

    • That means you should subscribe and join me on facebook! Don’t be shy and join in on the D-Community conversation!! We are all Divas & Divos trying to live a Divine Life!!! I look forward to reading from you!! 😮

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