Get the Look 4 Less: Leela James Fall Natural Beauty

Hello Fashionista,

It’s Flawless Friday again and that means Freedom to get your your last bit of summer clothes out the closet and Party Like a Soul Artist like Leela James!! LOL, BOOM!!! This weekend it’s going be the last according to Channel 7 where the weather is going to be hot and sunny so I say take full advantage of it. Get out the house and go enjoy yourself doing something new or something old you like to do!! I will be sure to do the same! ūüėģ

Natural Beauty

Last weekend at My Black is Beautiful I had the honor of meeting and seeing Leela James perform live and she was super great. Not only was she a nice sister but her natural beauty just stood out. Her Fall Fashion and make-up was simple but yet Flawless and she commanded her stand. She totally rocked the stage and left the crowd in total amazement. Her natural beauty, style, talent and grace just left me speechless! Oh, I love her hair!! OMG, talk about maintenance, a lot of maintenance for her hair!!

This is how you can get her look while shopping on a budget!

Have fun this weekend my D-Community and remember own what you wear don’t let it kill you!!!

Sashaying Off,
Precious Pat V


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