Hello Kitty Transformer Model Kit

Hello Wacky and Wild Wednesday,

I have been having a tough month so I am tapping into the child in me and trying to find joy in the little things. I tell you sometimes it just don’t pay being nice and always trying to be there for others because they forget the things you have done for them. Also they don’t know how to be supportive in return!! Sometimes one have to tap into your child like behaviors and remember to focus on “Me!” And have “that’s my” mindset!!

So, today I am sharing with you my wacky and wild toys!! Like I told you guys before I love Hello Kitty but hate cats. LOL, well someone send this to me and I thought they were very cute items for us Hello Kitty collectors….. Yes, it’s Hello Kitty Transformer Model Kits and they are My COOL item of the week! I’ve learned by keeping in touch with I’m a Toys R Us kid in me, one can be a better parent, friend, teacher, counselor, etc to ourselves, friends, family and the children of our future!!!

Hello Kitty Model Kit

Aren’t they so cute?

Hello Kitty Model Kit

Hello Kitty Model Kit

Have fun and enjoy!!! And remember have a wild and wacky day!! Loosen up and live for you! Do what you want to do without the care of what others might think of you!!!

3 Responses to “Hello Kitty Transformer Model Kit”
  1. Okay after searching and searching I found out these aren’t on the market!!! This guy on Myspace created the pictures of Hello Kitty getting a makeover!! The talented guy website is http://www.myspace.com/yodanz
    I totally think this guy should pitch it to Sanrio!!!

  2. good piece, hope and change

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