Rihanna Making Rebelle Fleur Smell Good

Hello Sweetea,

What is the tasty scoop you have for Tasty Thursday?!?!? Well, word on the street is Rihanna will be expanding her brand and she is getting into the fragrance business. I’m not mad at that because everyone loves smelling good!!! Okay, Ok I know some just don’t care but there is nothing sexier than a man or woman that smells and looks good!! Right Divas and Divos….

Anyway back to the topic at hand…. Sisters gotta find different ways to grow their income and don’t depend on one stream of income!!! If you have a river why not make it flow until it hits the unstoppable ocean baby!!

Can you guess what Rihanna’s perfume name is going to be…….. I know you was thinking something nasty right?!?!? LOL, but no as the rumors will have it she is going to call it “Rebelle Fleur!!” According to other sources it might be “Route 22” I guess we will have to wait and see hopefully by the end of the year it should be out in stores. I know some of you must be like “WTF” others must be like “OH THAT’S” Yes the same name as the tattoo on her neck! Hey, when I said she is branding herself I literally meant it!! ROTFLMBO!!

I can’t wait to see this new product, the bottle and how it smells. I love perfume that smells and looks good! It just motivates me to buy it especially when it’s pretty packaged!! Till next time that’s the tasty scoop of the day for Thursday!! Have a dry one and get wet only with the perfume you have now that makes you smile, smell good and feel good during the storm!!


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