♫ NEW MUSIC: Marvin Sapp “The Best In Me” ♫

Hello Sweetea,

Whoa, what a busy week and weekend it has been. I tell you Thank God I always keep an open mind and allow myself to think outside the box to in order to learn, think and grow because life isn’t about being ridged closed minded! When you think you have arrived that’s when you realized this isn’t the resting spot or time to take a break. No, that’s when you need to work harder and put in more work. Life never said it was going to be easy; everyone was going to understand your worth and see the best in you or want the best for you! As I get older and older I never expect it to require so much work!! I really thought it was going to be an easy task growing-up but I stand corrected! Or is Life simple and we as humans complicate life?

Every time we ask for something and we get it. You would think one would be happy with it, right? However, a lot of us tend to see the bad and don’t appreciate the good too often. We are always chasing something bigger and better. The questions I sometime ask are…  Are we ever truly satisfied with what we have and make it work? Do we really need half the stuff we claim we need? Are we a nation that truly understands the concept of love, happiness and peace with the simple things….. Are we looking for approval from the wrong people? Do we treat others as we would like to be treated? Are we a nation that treats our life as a buffet?

I really don’t understand how we claim to care and love for others but we bring so much pain, hurt and drama!! Why can’t people be honest, real and understanding! All I can say is no matter what it is or who it is with “LIFE IS ALL ABOUT PUTTING IN THE WORK and EMBRACING THE REMIXES THAT COME ALONG WITH IT!!” However the song that has been bringing me through it all this last couple of weeks has been Marvin Sapp, “The Best in Me!” I am so happy there is one person I can honestly say that truly loves and care for me unconditional without causing me hurt, pain and drama! And that is my Lord and Savior because he sees the best in me when I and others don’t see the best in me!


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