Book Review: How Did I Get So Busy? By: Valorie Burton

Hello Sweetea,

Remember when you were growing up you had all these innocent dreams, goals and plans how your future would be. Your thought process was unlimited, unrealistic and daring. You use to live for what you cared for and enjoy living for your dreams. You had a passion that no one couldn’t take away from you. Do you recall, when you were asked, as a child, what are you going to be when you grow up, the answers were endless like the never ending story. You were too happy and quick to say

A Doctor, A Lawyer, A Police Officer, A Nurse, A Therapist, A Business Owner,

A Queen, A King, A Princess, A Prince, A Movie Star, A Singer, A Model, A Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc. player

Wasn’t it nice when your parents, teachers and love ones use to always say, “Baby it doesn’t matter what you want to be because if you put your mind to it you will be just that!” Those were the encouraging words that made you push the barriers and strive to be the best you could be minus the stress of time and pressure. The positive reinforcement and love that made you stronger and determine to be successful no matter how hard it got!  However, have we lost all of our creative fire and just started to become too busy to stop and smell the roses. Have we just gotten to the routine of just doing without loving what we do because we racing the clock? Have we stopped giving back and just keep on taking before they take it all away from us? Have we become so program to write a bunch of to do lists and haven’t gotten to doing anything for ourselves? Or anything with a true purpose for our happiness!

Well, I attended Ebony’s Sisterhood Luncheon in Philly with my friend Nikkia from MUSO Mag and we totally had a blast while being empowered at the same time.  The guest speaker, Valorie Burton was a powerful and a Divine Diva! Valorie learned the hard way what the price of being too busy can mean without a life of purpose. She is the writer of “How Did I Get So Busy?” The book is a 28 day plan to free your time, reclaim your schedule and reconnect with what matters most in your life living it with purpose! I must honestly say I just started reading the book because it really hit me when I stopped to notice I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut loose and feeling like the to-do list isn’t getting any shorter! I feel there is so much to do but so little time and then I remember sitting in Philly listening to Valorie say at one point of her life she was just like that too until her mother got very ill. That is when she took a strong hard look at herself and her life. That is when she started wondering where did all her dreams and innocent go? After her reflecting period Valorie decided she needed to dedicate her time to what she cared about in her life and not just for what needed to be done which she call it a Self-Care Lifestyle.

When I asked her how does she live a Divine life she replied I live by The Ten Commandments of Self-Care! The Ten Commandments of Self-Care are:

*Use all of your vacation time every year.

*Commit your time off solely to nonwork-related activities

*Take your rest seriously

*Have fun at least once a week

*Eat regularly, preferably sitting down

*Exercise regularly, preferably standing up

*Be fruitful and productive, not busy

*Use technology to gain time, not consume it

*Connect heart-to-heart with the people who matter

*Be led by the spirit

If you know you are not following those steps above and you tired of being tired living a life of purpose I would recommend this book to be in your book-bag! But remember this isn’t your conventional or traditional book! This is a 28-day solution based program to help one reconnect with what matters most, rediscover your priorities and passion, reclaim your life and schedule. In the book she has questionnaires, spaces for you to write notes, and she gives you homework. It’s like a workbook and having her personally there helping you get through the next 28-days. The event was totally worth it and the book is totally in my bag!!

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